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I'm Vitina.

A self-discovery practitioner, branding expert, entrepreneur, podcaster, and co-founder of Align Creative Minds.

My passion is helping Soulpreneurs like you discover your inner greatness and live your best life by finding your authentic, confident voice; tapping into vast reserves of clarity, focus & creativity, and silencing the inner critic that lives inside all of us and destroys our dreams.


My approach uses methods from self-development and Eastern mindfulness traditions brought into the reality of our modern Western lifestyle.

A Multi-Passionate 


I’m a creative coach, branding expert, self-discovery practitioner and certified Yoga instructor. 


After 80+ hour weeks working full-time in the music industry, finishing my thesis at OCAD University, and doing freelance graphic design work to pay off my debt, as I’m sure you could imagine, I was completely burned out. 


This was the catalyst for my self-discovery journey. It all began in an Ashram in India where I did my first Yoga Teacher Training.

Upon my return to Toronto, I was re-energized and my creative company, ALIGN Creative Minds, took off. I began winning business from scores of wellness clients who wanted to take their brand to the next level. 


My curiosity for self-discovery continued... 


During this time I paved my way as a yoga teacher and retreat facilitator for 6 years through my former business, WanderfulSoul, helping others incorporate Eastern mindfulness traditions and healing practices into our modern Western lifestyle. I’ve also consulted and curated robust wellness programs for luxury hotels as a co-founder of Wanderwell.


Oh, and I still produce a bi-weekly podcast for Soulpreneurs called Soul Compass.

After bringing many business ideas to life, I will say, I’ve learned lots from my wins and even more so from my failures, my biggest moments of personal and professional discovery.

I’ve reached the max on creating my own personal brands and want to share what I've learned with you instead.


My life's work is helping people from the inside out. I was naive to think I could do it all by myself. That's why I intentionally align with wellness and spirituality clients to serve bigger together.


I want to help YOU overcome imposter syndrome, build a business that’s in alignment with your purpose, and get more abundance doing what you love all while creating a positive impact in your client’s lives.

Vitina xo


A Couple ways for you to get started...



The Venue Report - Wanderwell
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I know it sounds cheesy but after experiencing Vitina's workshops, my eyes have opened.

I never imagined that it would be such a soulful and healing journey. Each week each week I learned something new about myself.

Vitina creates an awesome environment and safe space. She is an excellent coach and leader.

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