• Vitina Blumenthal

4 Ways to Turn Confusion into Clarity for Multi-passionate Entrepreneurs with D’Ana Joi Spencer

D'ana Joi Spencer - Joi Knows How - Soul Compass Episode

Back in the day when you finished school, it used to be the norm to go out and get a job, maybe the job that your parents did, and you’d do that job for the rest of your life. Now, there are so many options, so many different paths you can take to earn money and build a successful career, that it can sometimes be hard to choose just one thing. For some of us, choosing one thing seems nearly impossible because there are so many things we truly love doing. So what if you don’t have to choose? What if you could embrace the multi-passionate creative experience instead of trying to force yourself into one tiny box?

My guest today is the brilliantly creative D’ana Joi from Joi Knows How. Finding herself in the predicament of having too many passions to narrow down to one career, feeling paralyzed by having to choose one thing, she decided to put all of herself onto a blog, everything she loved, everything about D’ana Joi. And it’s no mistake that her middle name is Joi because Joy is at the heart of everything she does. By choosing herself and honouring her energy, she was empowered to start functioning with clarity, enabling her business to grow and pivot organically to where it is now.

D'Ana Joi is a multi-passionate blogger, educator, community builder and content creator who believes having many passions is a gift, not a burden. Her mission is to rewrite the narrative around “choosing one thing” being the only path to success. Through her content, live workshops, and upcoming course, Finding Focus, Joi teaches multi-passionates how to make friends with focus, craft impactful personal brands, and live a life of creative abundance. She has a wicked online shop, and can also serenade you with beautiful music.

If you find yourself wanting to do so many things and not knowing how to focus on just one, then this episode is for you. D'Ana Joi shares 4 ways in which you can turn that confusion into clarity and start honouring your creative energy and operate in alignment with your true self. I know this episode is going to encourage you and inspire you to figure out what the multi-passionate experience looks like for you. It’s time to embrace everything that you are.


  • [6:37] - Where Joi Knows How began

  • [10:00] - Stepping into the gift of being multi-passionate and letting go of the need to just focus on one thing

  • [12:50] - It’s okay to have a support job while you’re building your side hustle up

  • [14:38] - How the multi-passionate experience can be very cyclical and that’s okay

  • [14:45] - First step for turning confusion into clarity as a multi-passionate entrepreneur:

  • [15:00] - Step 1: Grounding yourself in creative confidence. Owning your gifts and feeling good about the fact that you’re a multi-passionate person. Own the fact that you’ve got options!

  • [15:50] - *Jack of all trades and master of none* and how that can make you feel less than

  • [16:00] - How the full phrase *Jack of all trades master of none but oftentimes better than master of one* is a completely different mindset shift

  • [17:00] - Having more than one talent can actually help to set your brand apart and give people multiple entry points to work with you instead of just one

  • [17:33] - Accept the fact that being a multi-passionate person is a way of life. All your passions can have a seat at the table but they don’t have to talk all at once

  • [20:02] - Step 2: Embracing wherever you are along your creative journey

  • [20:24] - What is the Joi Knows How Froyo Method?

  • [22:40] - It’s okay if you’re still figuring out how your business is going to manifest itself

  • [24:00] - Even if you did have a “big cup” that you had been filling, it’s okay to realise that it might not be serving you anymore and to pivot

  • [25:50] - Step 3: Learning to focus

  • [26:18] - There are three types of. The first one is Intensive Focus. This is when you set the big picture goals

  • [28:30] - Your second type of focus is Active Focus. This is when you’re doing the “thing”. Whether that be writing a blog post, doing a podcast interview - this is when you’re actively focused. Short spurts of time followed by a break

  • [31:30] - Using the tomato timer to ensure that you stay distraction free during this active focus time

  • [32:00] - Joi’s top tips for eliminating distractions

  • [34:30] - The third type of focus is Passive Focus. If you’re running out of steam and you need a true break, there are ways to keep your focus, but not require a lot of your energy

  • [36:40] - Focus is the thing that multi-passionate people struggle with the most so it’s good to get your head around how to improve it for yourself

  • [37:00] - Step 4: Find a community that understands you