• Vitina Blumenthal

Finding your True Calling with Rockstar Shaman, Alyson Charles

If you’re not happy with an aspect of your life, it’s up to you to make the change. I know, this is easier said than done. Sometimes you need a little nudge, a push, or in Alyson Charles’ case - a profound divine intervention. Alyson was unconsciously miserable until a divine force woke her up, and guided her fully to speak her truth. The unique gifts she had been subconsciously aware of her entire life, could hide in the shadows no more.

One moment Alyson was a national champion athlete, a number one rated radio host and television talk show host. The next moment, her true calling and gifts were realized and her journey as a mystic and rock star shaman began. Alyson has been named “A Top Meditation” by Oprah Magazine and “One of the reasons practical magic is the new frontier of mindfulness” by Forbes. Her force is powerful, presence undeniable and light is ever-growing. What a true pleasure it was to engage in this conversation with Alyson.

I was also honoured to have Alyson take us through a guided heart intelligence meditation in this episode, so make sure you stick around until the end.

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  • Recognizing a divine intervention and spiritual awakening

  • Unlocking your gifts, and working with them

  • Speaking your truth

  • Listening to your inner mystic, and acting on your intuition

  • Finding the right life partner to support you in your journey

  • Practicing celibacy

  • Working with your heart center and becoming more open

  • The importance of shadow work


Alyson: We live in a very loving, supportive planet. All of these elements of nature they really are here to heal, inspire, empower, guide and support us.

Vitina: Namaste and welcome. I'm Vitina Blumenthal and you're listening to the Soul Compass podcast.I'm here to help you find your inner calm and deepen your self-discovery journey. Take this moment and focus on yourself. For your mental health, your ability to find ease in your everyday life, and your emotional well-being. It is so important that you nourish yourself not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Here at Soul Compass, you'll learn practical tips from experts who will leave you with a sharper focus and a renewed commitment to yourself.

Today I'm here with a guest that goes by Rockstar Shaman. She is an internationally renowned television host, speaker, and spiritual teacher.

She was named “A Top Meditation” by Oprah magazine and “One of the reasons Practical Magic is the new frontier of mindfulness” by Forbes. I had the pleasure of meeting her in 2017 in the jungles of Nicaragua where I embarked on a spirit animal journey with her. Today I'm so excited to learn more about her wild self-discovery journey. I'm delighted to welcome the lovely Alyson Charles.

Alyson: Oh my gosh. Thanks for having me. I was listening with my eyes closed and I forgot what a soothing, delicious voice you had.

Vitina: Oh thanks, sweetie.

First, I'm excited that you'll be guiding us today through a heart intelligence meditation. As you already know I'm completely fascinated by you. We spent those lovely five days in Nicaragua together on Wanderwell retreat, and I got to know a little bit about your journey and I left even more curious. You know me - I love to keep it real. I love to keep it authentic, so we're just going to dive right into this.

Alyson: Yeah, let's deep dive. Let's get down there.

Vitina: So I love learning about transformational experiences. That's one of the reasons why I do what I do and I'm sure you get this question a lot.

How did you get from being a national champion athlete, a number one rated radio host, a national daytime television talk show host, to becoming a rockstar shaman? I know it takes years to evolve and you're evolving every day, but can you pinpoint the moment that awareness of transformation started?

Alyson: Like if we go inside of the pinpoint, that moment was the day that I had my divine intervention and my spiritual awakening. But, there was another significant moment that surfaced when you're asking that question and that was at the end of my running career.

I'd been running on scholarship for the University of Alabama. I'd started running at age two and a half. I was for real in a road race at that age and there's picture proof. So from two and a half all the way through, 20 something when I graduated college, I had already been running for 20 plus years at that point. My body was starting to break down, and that was the first moment where...I wouldn't change a thing, but that identity was really placed upon me my dad was my coach.

At two and a half I was told this is what I'm going to be and what I'm going to do, and as my body's breaking down and I'm feeling all these things and then I start to question, "If my body can't run anymore, then who am I? What do I want to do? What do I really like to do?

Did I really even love running the whole time, or did I just do it because I was supposed to do it?" All these kind of identity, ego, crisis, ego breakdown questions started to happen at the end of college. That was the first kind crackling/shattering, and then the main ego blast veil lift was when I was in Brooklyn on my divine intervention day.

Vitina: Can you explain more about what that divine intervention day looked like?

Alyson: I was in a very long term relationship with my ex-fiance at that point. He was also an athlete at Alabama, so our journey karmically began when we were both very young and it spanned over 16 years. You fast forward to this day in Brooklyn where at this point in this journey he and I had been living together, not living together, living together, not living together, engaged, unengaged. All these cycles. There was growing, suffering growing, pain body, growing dependency, all these things that were happening that neither of us was consciously looking at, at that point.

On this day we were going to venture back out publicly as a couple yet again, but the universe just really wasn't having it. It's truly one of those stories of you know, the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. We had done enough cycles of that so required a divine intervention. I was going to go out to the living room and tell him we can leave in about five minutes. He was asleep and I didn't want to disturb him. So as I was walking through my kitchen, back through my bedroom, that's when "they" turned (and by "they" - Source, God, Universe) turned my first gift officially on. It was my right ear. I became clairaudient and I heard a voice clear as day say, "Stop and turn around". I did that and my eyes just like a laser beam landed on his cell phone on my bookcase in my bedroom.

Right then I knew there were a lot of things activating in this time. Number one, I'm hearing voices in my right ear. Number two, it's all happening really fast. Number three, I know something's off because he never went anywhere without his phone. Number four, I can feel these energies. I can feel this system with me. That system walked with me over to the phone. I didn't know his code, my automatic spirit writing popped four numbers in his phone and the phone popped open. This is all just flowing and happening quickly. When the phone popped open...You know, in shamanism we talk a lot about "shadow work" and "shamanic rites of passages," and "egoic deaths," there's different forms of death and rebirth for shamans.

This was truly, "the cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek," bat cave moment for me. That phone was that bat cave, and it held within it my personal greatest terrors and fears, which were betrayal. There was such graphic proof of the betrayal. I'm being guided around the phone and popping around to different text messages and apps, and just being so blasted with this graphic evidence literally right in my face at that point. This was a divine intervention awakening moment. My ego shell blasted completely off. I could feel it energetically just this blast around me. Then just like if you were to yank up some blinds on a window and they go up really fast, that's how it felt with the veil that had been covering my third eye. It just zipped up and opened up my third eye. It was literally one of those stories of a spiritual awakening wherein one moment in time you become a changed, transformed person. The energy was so big that it woke him up because I was not making any noise as I was grounded and calm by these angels and all my helpers.

There was no sound involved. It was the energy that woke him up. Long story short, asked him to leave and of course, I asked him questions like, "how could you?" and things like that.

I was calm. I was not yelling. I wasn't throwing things. I just was so held by divine support. I'll end on this note by just saying that, once I asked him to leave everything that I knew, everything that I thought was real and true had all exploded. Who I thought I was, who I thought he was, who I thought our relationship was, what I thought Earth life was, and so I then was having a breakdown and decided to travel to where I grew up in Indiana to spend time with my mom and grandma. That's where my additional gifts began to get activated. That's where I had my surrender moment and that's when I embarked upon this whole new earth life walk on the awakening path.

Vitina: Had you been working with guides and spirit at all before this moment?

Alyson: Not completely on a conscious level. I have flash memories as a little girl being little shaman Allie, little healer Allie, but because of the childhood situations and the desire to preserve and protect my relationship with my dad it was kind of like as a little girl I felt like I had either/or. I either could shut down, block off and suppress my gifts because I was aware of so much. If I was aware of everything going on which caused a problem with that very vital relationship with my dad then what else might cause problems that might mean the demise of our family. All of these things were terrifying as a child.

So I chose to block off the gifts. Yet that wise ancient sage that's always lived in me knew it needed to keep at least a thread of this true medicine alive in me. When I look back in hindsight it makes sense that even as a little girl the only things I studied and read on my own were metaphysics, feng shui and the healing power of colors. I would go get acupuncture at age six and seven and I was getting hypnotherapy at eight and nine, so I was on an unconscious level trying to do anything I could to keep the magic, medicine and wisdom alive to a degree. Not to a degree where I could see and feel too much because that would have been too painful.

Vitina: Absolutely. I know through your business Shamanic Media you often assist people and brands to step out of the spiritual closet. It sounds like that is based on your experience, and knowing this relationship with your dad it sounds like there might have been a different relationship with your mom and grandma. What was that experience like for you when you started stepping into this calling?

Alyson: It was freakin’ wild. It was terrifying. It was wildly humbling, at times felt humiliating, at times powerful, activating, engaging and so alive and yet at times so confusing.

I mean it literally was like this orb of everything at once because, when you start to realize your calling, and then for me you realize it's supposed to be done very publicly. You're trying to understand and navigate. You're getting to know your own spiritual gifts, your own medicine, and you're also going through these initiations - shamanic initiations. Spiritual fires raging and burning through you, burning away untruths and false limiting beliefs that have to go in order for you to step out in your power and step out in the medicine and deliver the medicine.

There are so many different things occurring and so many different layers and aspects to get you to step out as your true authentic self. I remember, there was one particular passageway in this where I knew I needed to be thrust out, yet I was in that flailing fish kind of phase that was scared and flopping around. I was on the phone call with three of my colleagues and friends and having a breakdown really. Again, another breakdown to break through and ego-shattering and there were like, "Alyson, you have to go within. You have to start. You know what to do".

I contacted my friend who ran a vegan Expo in New York City. I'm not even vegan but I knew I was supposed to go to this vegan Expo and have a table there and just step out. I had my friend put my headshot on a poster on a stand and I brought shamanic tools, and it was so humbling but I knew that's part of the process. So I stood there for days on end from morning until night by myself just explaining to people that came by who I am and what I was doing. I was doing mini aura readings, chakra clearings, and so in the beginning phases it's like you have to step out and figure it out and it can be really challenging.

Vitina: Yeah I can only imagine. I've had a similar experience on my journey in terms of the relationships with the people that you had when you first started out on this journey, whether it was your family and your friends, did you struggle with any of those relationships and did you lose any friendships along the way?

Alyson: Even though people may not have known me as a shaman or mystic before, I've always been "different" or "weird" or "unique" or a leader in some way. So I think because I had already had a unique life path with the athletics, the hip hop radio and TV, everyone already knew me as this explorer and teacher and guide.

I think then when the spiritual aspect of it came alive I don't think they were too shocked. If there were ones who were really shocked, surprised, confused they didn't come to me and say that. You know there's definitely been a lot of questions along the way. People like my mom, she's been my biggest supporter, but this is not her work, it's not her world and so there's just been a lot of inquisitiveness like wanting to understand who I am and what I do.

For the most part though, I don't believe other than that awakening day which obviously caused my ex-fiance and I to end that cycle completely in totality, and that karmic circle was finalized on that day. I don't believe I lost any relationships or had any big arguments or strange situations from my shamanism birthing.

Vitina: Oh that's beautiful because I've encountered people who have been on this transformational journey. They were surrounded by unhealthy relationships so obviously that was dimming their light, and as they started stepping forward there are these "aha" moments where you start realizing, "Maybe these are some people that no longer serve me," but then you're able to look back and say, "Oh wow that person was probably one of my greatest teachers along this journey".

I really appreciate you sharing your process in what that looks like because that's actually really cool that other than that initial relationship, you didn't end up actually having to shed anyone.

Alyson: I've been on this path now for a number of years and so for sure just organically and naturally because of my devotion at all times to be surrendered to Source, God, great mother Gaia, for sure there have been people that have come and gone. Maybe relationships that were more primary that shifted or disintegrated, but it never occurred in a way that was like combative or traumatic.

Vitina: That's awesome.

When you're diving into the wellness world, when you're really curious about health and wellness, and wellness is such a broad word now...But especially for you as a national champion athlete, and it's accessible and natural to jump into personal training. I know you did some personal training probably back in the day...

Alyson: It feels like a totally different person in life. But yes I did.

Vitina: Now meditation courses are becoming more and more popular and those are super accessible to take and even reiki and energy healing are really making a mark this day and age. I'm curious, how does one, especially in the Western culture find themselves guided into shamanism?

Alyson: On the path of shamanism it's unique unto each their own.

It's like it's a medicine walk. There are going to be truly no two paths that are similar at all. This is actually one of my favorite aspects of my personal walk is that when I surrendered, when I was at my grandma's house in Indiana after the awakening, I was shmammered because they tracked me back to a ton of moments in my life like a movie and were taking a scene by scene, but showing me these occurrences in light and truth without the denial and illusion I had previously been in.

So as I'm seeing all of these things after my awakening day, I'm just obviously blown away, which ignited the desire to say to God and great Mother Earth, "I clearly don't know what I'm doing and I'm requesting your services. I am asking for your help. I am surrendering. Show me the way".

I could get so emotional over it because I'm just so held. I'm so guided. I'm so supported in all ways by the universe and by this powerful, beautiful planet that we live on. But the key is, you must heed the guidance that comes in. There are so many freakin’ people that say they want to change and say, "Yeah I surrender," that say they want to see the signs, and they don't freakin do anything about it. You have to heed the call.

That's where the creative dance with the universe begins is by then seeing you honour the unseen energetic realms that are supporting you. They know it takes courage and vulnerability to step forward from a whisper, to step forward because you heard the same shamanic acupuncturists name twice in one day and you just let yourself acknowledge like, if I'm consciously aware, that means something.

As you feel into that shamanic acupuncturists name and you get that resonant, "Yes," you make an appointment to go to that shamanic acupuncturist. That's truly how every single day my life has been guided since that surrender moment and I am dedicated and committed to heeding the messages that are delivered to me. So right away after my awakening, I was guided to an M.D. turned shaman who lives in Minnesota. She's an incredible woman. Her name is Sarah and she was the first shaman that I worked with.

She did soul retrieval and did work with me and then I was just guided continuously. Your soul, it needs different practices, different methods, different energetic transmissions at different times in your life. As you clear out, as you rise, activate, ascend and do all of these things, obviously the practitioners that are needed to come in support, they shift and evolve too. The first healers I was sent to happen to be shamans. I wasn't consciously connecting the dots at this time. I was just going for healing to heal myself.

It was I think about a year on my personal healing quest...I also just stayed in my apartment. I was writing for publications and healing. That was it. I was that dedicated and it took about a year I think before enough of my chakras had been cleared and open and started communicating enough of my light body and light red had been activated and turned on, then it was time for the medicine to come alive enough inside of me to communicate to me my truth as a shaman and a mystic.

That's how it works for me and that's how it can work for anyone if you are brave enough and courageous enough to listen.

Vitina: I'm going to ask you this question. You've already said it, but I think it's just so important for people who are on this journey. What was the one thing you learned from this transformational experience to listening to your calling? What was the one thing that you needed to move forward?

Alyson: Two things kicked in. It was a willingness and an open heart. It's the willingness to receive in the support, it's the willingness to step out. I think one key that goes along with it that can make this process a lot easier is to do a lot of heart work. The more we allow our heart to open, to heal, to soften, to activate, the more that we're tapped into our heart intelligence. That is the lighted way, stepping forward from your heart. Guidance is the path of light.

That's a key as well along your journey, your healing journey.

Vitina: How does that process look like for you, especially in romance? I don't know if you find this, but sometimes for me, it's easy to be so loving to everyone, then when it comes to romance...I'm going to be super vulnerable here. It's the hardest thing for me to really open my heart. I am just dying to know your nuggets of wisdom because I think we can all share and learn from each other for this one.

Alyson: Yes, this piece has been paramount, maybe the number one pillar aspect of my earth walk are these relational aspects in general, but especially with men. Starting with my dad and then my ex-fiance, I've had to navigate and do so much. I want to honestly tell you in the last seven years I want to say ninety-five percent of it I've been celibate.

Some of those celibate phases in the beginning, it took me a while to have the light bulb go off and realize it, but I was like abstaining from sex because I was afraid. The intimacy previously before my awakening just was very dishonouring. There was so much denial and co-dependency and there were some addiction issues involved. I think it felt at that point the safest thing for me was to just abstain and be celibate and stay away. Then as I continued every day to heal so many of these aspects, grow in myself honor, self-respect, and understand what a true queen and Goddess I am. There were other huge portions where I was celibate but then I was celibate for a different reason and it was coming from a different place. A different energetic activation.

At this point I am unable...my energy body and my physical body, will not allow me to physically engage with someone that is just a no. Now whether they're a"no" because they're just not a vibrational match, or because my womb my Yoni is really truly not wanting that exchange. It is the most potent, powerful exchange that humans can ever have, through sexual intercourse and intimacy. It's an energy exchange. You share medicine and energy from each chakra. It is the most sacred act on this planet.

There was a situation somewhat recently. I'd gone on some dates and I was wondering if I would feel like I was inspired to engage physically with this person. The second that it started to go into that territory it was like my energy body hoofed out and said, "no". My physical body was like, "no". It was even louder and I had to stop it. At this point, I'm so clear in my divinity and steeped in the sacredness of all of it. Back in the old days I would have been not wanting this guy to think I'm a bitch for not wanting him. Or to think I'm weird. I would have put others feelings before mine.

Now it's like I listen to my body. I listen to the energies and I had to say to him, "this is not gonna happen," and it was a really big night. I had a phone call with him a couple of days later just saying, "are you open to hearing the realizations I've had?" He said, "yes,". We're all being activated with the Divine Feminine and we've all suffered from the freakin patriarchy. It's not a woman against man thing, it's not a man against a woman thing. For the first time, I came from that compassionate understanding of that information and I had this conversation with this man from a whole different place. Before the conversation would come from anger, protectiveness, and defensiveness. This time it was totally different. It was total compassion and understanding of how confusing the Divine Feminine must be for this man.

In conclusion, I'm aware of who I am to be with. I need my God man I will unite with to bring the sacred teachings and this wisdom to the planet. Through the uniting with my twin flame, and having the sacred masculine and sacred feminine unite together to deliver that potency. That's what I'm here to do. That clearly moved in fairly recently. I want to say in the last four months, and it's really powerful and I'm so excited that I'm clear in that.

So it's been a long process for me to get where I am today.

Vitina: That's really inspiring. I really appreciate your wisdom, especially when it comes to intimacy. I experience myself a similar road. I have those moments where I'm so interested intellectually with this person, but my body is completely saying something else. Also having people like me is one of my biggest struggles, especially in romance. Then when you're rejecting someone and saying no, it becomes this battle, do I want to be liked or am I going to stand up for myself or just set my own boundary? So I really appreciated that honesty and vulnerability which is what we're all about here.

I just want to keep talking to you, but I know we have a juicy meditation that we're going to go through. Before we dive into that meditation, I'd love to hear what your three pieces of wisdom are that you could share with someone who's embarking on a self-discovery journey.

Alyson: Well the first word that came in is openness. I remember after my awakening day, I was keeping my head up more. I was looking and seeing more. It feels like such a subtle shift but it was a massive change. I just remembered I was letting myself see the birds, see or feel the communication of the breeze. Or when I went to the cafe to get tea, I let myself...When you awaken the truth of the planet which is that we are all one, also awakens inside of you too. I love this quote, "Once you know yourself, you know the world". That medicine was activating when I would land with the cashier. Rather than just staying kind of blinded, head down, it was I'm letting myself really land with these fellow humans. I'd connect with my eyes and it just begins to conjure this entirely different experience with the elements. With your fellow brothers and sisters, within yourself, because we live in a very loving, supportive planet.

All of these elements of nature they really are here to heal, inspire, empower, guide and support us. Just be open. Walk outside and set the intention to say to wind medicine, say to the air, and say, "when I go out today I'm open to receiving messages from you". Let yourself as you walk outside really feel the air, really feel the breeze, and let yourself hear any whisper.

So number one is openness. Number two: start to look at the relationships that you have and see how you can enrich them, heal them, transcend them to a higher level of functioning. That feels really important.

Then the third piece to those embarking, just have fun. One thing that I started to notice that was happening to me...I'm a very deep person. I always have been. I'm also a Capricorn so I'm very driven. I'm also a one in numerology so I'm a leader. All these things started to add up to me being way too serious. I was constantly doing shadow work. That is a key - do your shadow work. If you don't know what it is, research appropriately. Or email me and do it with me.

But I just started to get way too serious with the work. So just remember that we're here to learn, we're here to grow and evolve. This process will trigger, evoke, it will bring big energy systems with it but it's an adventure. It's meant to be explored and have fun. So go into your local metaphysical gift shop and explore around the Egyptian area, or the shamanism area, or the tarot card area, the pendulums, just see what speaks to you. Just have an adventure with it that feels curious and fun.

Vitina: Amazing pieces of wisdom. Can we get started on this meditation? I'm dying to do it.

Alyson: Okay great. Yes. This meditation is all around our heart. Our heart center and our heart intelligence. It's brief but very powerful.

Go ahead everyone and get in a really comfortable seated position. For me I'm sitting upright, very tall, spine nice and erect like the queen that I am. I have the bottoms of my feet touching the floor. If you have your feet on the ground go ahead and feel the chakras that are on the bottoms of your feet open up like portals and kind of suction cup into the ground. Just really anchor the bottoms of your feet into earth, into the floor. Sitting nice and tall. Or you can also sit in lotus pose, so just get comfy and situated in that pose.

Just start to let go.

Give yourself permission to relax and be free.

Let your shoulders drop away from your ears.

And begin to connect with your breath, just gently. Just connect.

And ever so slightly I want you to tug your shoulders back, even if it's just a half of an inch. Enough to where you feel your chest expand and your heart center open.

Just start to feel how beautiful life is.

How blessed we are to be here.

How magical and mystical everything truly is.

Even the pains, even the challenges are so miraculous, so rich.

Start to draw your inhale into your lower belly, and on your exhale you're just letting go even more.

Becoming aware of your auric field. The energy surrounding your body. What is that energetic sphere feel like right now?

Does it feel light, bright, or a bit dense?

If you can connect with what colour it currently is.

What information does your aura have for you right now?

Now beginning to direct your inhale into your heart center. Your glowing green heart chakra is just right smack dab in the center of your chest. So you're directing each inhale into that heart chakra, and just letting the breaths swirl gently around just cleansing, clearing, and softening your heart.

You begin to see the green colour getting brighter, more inspired and aligned. It's a really rich and glowing emerald green. Very healthy.

With these next few inhales you allow your heart center to expand. Let it grow.

You can repeat internally or out loud, "Thank you, heart. I am with you on this journey forth. Thank you for your beauty, your wisdom, your guidance. Thank you for your rich, true power. I am willing to connect with you even more. I allow you to inspire me and move me forward on the lighted path".

Lastly, just go into your heart for a moment and see if there's anything in there. Is there an animal totem, a mystical being, a word, an energy?

What's in your heart right now.

Remember this feeling. Remember this tingling, this warmth, this expansion, this brightness you feel in your heart right now. This is where you want to be. This is who you are and this is why we are here.

Amen, a'ho and so it is.

You can stay in your heart as long as you'd like. When you feel ready to return to earth plane, gently open your eyes and look through your eyes as if you're seeing the room, the space you're in for the very first time. Fresh outlook. Fresh energy.

Beauty all around.

Vitina: I just love you.

Alyson: I love you too.

Vitina: That was so beautiful. Thank you so much for guiding us through that beautiful practice.

Alyson. You're welcome. The more I have let my heart open and hear its messages, it's truly the greatest power we have. I just feel called to share that power with as many people as possible.

Vitina: Thank you so much Alyson for spreading your light with us today. It's always such a delight and pleasure to connect with you all the time. I just really, really admire your authenticity. I know by just being exactly who you are, you're inspiring so many people to do the same for themselves.

If people would like to connect with you, where can they find you?

Alyson: You can go to my website, www.alysoncharles.com or www.rockstarshaman.com will get you there. Then my Instagram handle is @iamalysoncharles.

Vitina: Okay, that's it for this week's episode. Remember, to stay inspired in between our episodes you can head on over to Instagram and follow us @yoursoulcompass and @wanderfulsoul. For free meditations and mindfulness guides, you can head over to wanderfulsoul.com.

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Thank you. You beautiful soul for dedicating time to your self-discovery journey. Not only are you contributing to your own mental and emotional well-being but you are contributing to a healthier, more harmonious world and raising the consciousness of our planet. You are amazing and beautiful just as you are.

Thank you for being part of our journey. And thank you for letting us become part of yours.