• Vitina Blumenthal

Following Your Intuition with Becka and Rachael from Vibe Tribe Wellness

What’s holding you back from the things you want to achieve in life? When you really sit down and think about it, breathe for a moment and think about that little niggle, that thought that keeps popping into your head, what is it that’s stopping you from doing that thing? Whether it’s leaving the job that you’re not interested in, turning your side hustle into your main hustle, staying with a person that doesn’t respect you, or even just committing to eating better. What is it that’s stopping you from pulling the trigger, and transforming your life?

My guests today Becka Crowe and Rachael Hunt from Vibe Tribe Wellness both reached a point in their lives where they pulled the pin on that big, scary goal and just went for it. They listened to their intuition, leaned into their purpose and the pay off has been huge. At some point, you have to learn to get out of your own way, and allow yourself to step into who you’re supposed to be.

Becka and Rachael haven’t known each other forever. In fact, they met on Instagram. They were so inspired by each other’s individual journeys and one day, the universe finally brought them together at a food event no less. They have been bff’s ever since and have created a community and wellness business that helps you achieve your personal wellness goals.

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  • How a coeliac disease diagnosis ignited a fire within for a total wellness makeover

  • Being flexible with your work hours when you’re working for yourself. You don’t have to work a regular 9 - 5 schedule.

  • Giving yourself the mental space to figure out what you want

  • Even if you’re in the wellness industry, you don’t have to be “healthy” all the time. Give yourself permission to still “party” sometimes.

  • The dangerous cycle of people-pleasing in unhealthy relationships

  • What is EFT “Emotional Freedom Technique” or “Tapping”

  • How Reiki can be used to heal

  • Being open and allowing your direction to change in your career and personal life

  • Breaking up with your limiting beliefs

  • An intuitive tarot reading bonus!


Rachael: I’m not getting to where I want to be because of my own mind. It’s nothing else in my life. It’s this.

Vitina: Namaste and welcome, I'm Vitina Blumenthal and you're listening to the Soul Compass podcast. I'm here to help you find your inner calm and deepen your self-discovery journey. Take this moment and focus on yourself. For your mental health, your ability to find ease in your everyday life and your emotional well-being. It is so important that you nourish yourself not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Here at Soul Compass, you'll learn practical tips from experts who will leave you with a sharper focus and a renewed commitment to yourself.

Hello and welcome to another Soul Compass episode. We’re already on episode 11 and I just wanted to take a moment and thank you. And really express my gratitude for all of your emails, all of your reviews, and being my cheerleaders. This was something that I really wanted to do for a long time but as I’m not in this process, episode 11, I have other episodes already recorded for you, I really realise what was getting in my way. Often what gets in my way is this perfectionist tendency, and it’s something that I’ve really, really been working on.

I look back and listen to some of the earlier episodes before I had my producer, before I even knew what the heck I was doing and I sound pretty stiff. I can see in myself where I just wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to sound perfect, I wanted to find the perfect words, and I really just didn’t want to look like an idiot.

Perfectionism is something that I’m constantly working on because it is something that has held me back, because of fear of what others might think. Brene Brown talks about perfectionism and it’s rooted in shame. If you’ve ever read her book, “Dare To Lead” it’s a great resource on perfectionism and diving into that. The shame is rooted in worrying about your image, and in worrying about what other people will think of you. It’s often this symptom that holds us back from really going after our dreams or finishing a project.

One of the best mantras that I saw in an office when I was doing freelance design work was, “It’s better done than perfect”. So with this Soul Compass project through the podcast, I’ve really been trying to just let myself be where I’m at in that moment and it keeps getting better and better on each episode. At least from my end, maybe you guys have a little bit of a different feedback. It does feel a little bit more natural now. I’m getting into the groove. It was just something I kind of wanted to share with you.

Before we dive into today’s episode, let’s take a moment together to check-in. If it’s safe for you and you’re sitting in a chair, you can uncross your legs, planting the soles of your feet on the earth and closing your eyes if that is also safe.

Just allowing yourself to relax into this moment.

Checking in to see if there are any emotions that are present.

Any feelings that are present.

And you’re just checking in. There’s no judgment. You’re being the observer.

With each exhale can you allow your shoulders to soften away from your ears a little bit more.

And today we’ll do a breathing technique called Relaxation Breath, and the ratio is 2, 1, 4. Inhaling for the count of 2, holding for the count of 1, and exhaling for the count of 4. We’ll do three rounds together.

Taking a deep inhale for a cleansing breath in through the nose. Exhale out through the mouth.

Inhaling to begin. 1, 2, pause, exhale for 4, 3, 2, 1.

Inhale 1, 2, pause, exhale for 4, 3, 2, 1.

Last round. Inhale. Pause. Exhale.

And you allow the space in between your eyebrows to soften, your jaw to soften. Softening any areas that you’re holding any tension in.

Coming back to your natural rhythm of breath. Whenever you’re ready you can gently flutter your eyes open.

Now that I have you so present, so relaxed, in this moment, let’s dive into this week’s episode.

The theme of this week is following your intuition. Often times we don’t always trust our intuition. Given my example, the perfectionism holding me back, ask yourself what’s holding you back from the things you want to achieve in life? When you really sit down and think about it, breathe for a moment and think about that little niggle. That thought that keeps popping in your head. What is it that’s stopping you from doing that thing.

Whether that’s leaving the job that you’re not interested in, turning your side hustle into your main hustle, staying with a person that really doesn’t respect you, or even just committing to eating better. What is it that’s stopping you from pulling the trigger and transforming your life right now?

My guests today Becka and Rachael from Vibe Tribe Wellness both reached a point in their lives where they pulled the pin on that big, scary goal and just went for it. They listened to their intuition, leaned into their purpose and the pay off has been huge. At some point, you have to learn to get out of your own way and allow yourself to step into who you are meant to be. Who you’re supposed to be in this lifetime.

Becka and Rachael haven’t even known each other forever. In fact, they met on Instagram. Story of our millennial lives. They were so inspired by each other’s individual journeys and one day the Universe finally brought them together at a foodie event no less. They have been BFF’s ever since and have created a community and wellness business that helps you achieve your personal wellness goals.

This week we dive into so many juicy topics. I’m looking at a list that my producer sent me and there’s so many good ones. I’m having a hard time choosing.

To give you a few nuggets:

  • Giving yourself the mental space to figure out what you want

  • Even if you’re in the wellness industry, there’s such a misconception that you have to be healthy all the time, but giving yourself, allowing yourself permission to still be playful to party sometimes.

  • The danger cycle of people-pleasing and unhealthy relationships. People-pleasing tends to be a topic on this podcast.

  • We’ll also dive into what EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, or you may have heard it as Tapping is. Rachael has been studying and practicing this technique and she’ll dive in with us a little bit more about what this technique entails.

  • We’ll talk about breaking up with your limiting beliefs

  • And if you stick around to the very end, we may or we may not do an intuitive tarot card reading. I’m always about the “woo”. Love the “woo”. I’m just open to all forms of self-discovery.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this week’s episode.

Vitina: Ladies, I'm so excited to welcome you on to the podcast today. I know that this conversation can go anywhere. I expect it to be that way. I know it's going to be so enlightening for our listeners. First, welcome. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Rachael: Thank you.

Becka: Thank you for having us.

Vitina: I know your story, but what was the catalyst that brought you guys into this wellness world? What was the biggest reason that pushed you to start a business for wellness?

Rachael: I'm Rachael, one of the co-hosts at the Vibe Tribe on this podcast. Separate from that, I'm also the founder of a platform that was originally Gluten Freedom. That's, I guess, where my journey started, was about five years ago. I was diagnosed six years ago with celiac disease. For me, navigating the realm of eating out and making my own food gluten-free was a major adjustment. I struggled with different things and I was looking for answers to questions that I wasn't finding. I decided to be that resource, I decided to create that for myself, but also because I recognize that there had to be other people out there, especially in the Toronto community, who were looking for something similar.

That's how I started within this space in general. It's interesting because my purpose at first was really more from a food blogger perspective. They're all these different food bloggers, all these different food resources for dining out, but none were specific to my food intolerance, which was gluten-free. It's interesting because they go hand in hand, of sorts. That was, I think, a reflection of who I was because I was interested in the wellness side of things more and more.

As I was eating gluten-free, I was realizing that just eating gluten-free wasn't enough for me. I started to be introduced to different naturopaths and nutritionists and people in the wellness space. That really inspired me to do better for myself in multiple facets, not just in the way I was eating. I think that was my foray into wellness as a whole, but initially, gluten-free was the catalyst that got my foot into the door. I think I've always had this within me and I think having this platform and having access to people who were further along their wellness journeys, and who, to me, were mentors and were really inspiring to me, it propelled me in that direction.

Then, with time, especially with this podcast that we've had for a couple of years now, that, for sure, has amplified my exploration of self-discovery, self-awareness, bettering myself. I know Becka will probably say something similar, but it really just continued to just grow and grow and grow. I realized my soul wants this so bad. I don't know where it would be if I didn't have the podcast or my own platform. I really had that to think for me really going super woo-woo and deep within my own journey.

Vitina: It's interesting because I've interviewed quite a few people now and a lot of nutrition struggles seem to be the catalyst for a lot of people's inner journey and realizing that you can heal yourself internally first rather than always relying on the outer world. Becka, how about you? I'm curious to know yours. I know a little bit, but I want to go deeper.

Becka: Mine is the same but different. That's why we connected pretty much instantly and started our podcast like a month after being friends. Basically, I just had a lot of digestive issues, and a lot of issues my entire life that I didn't associate with food. I was on a lot of prescription drugs. I was hitting my own personal rock bottom. I wasn't feeling good. I was 21 and my doctor was putting me on so much medication that I should have never been on. I started just doing my own research and I found the whole wellness, natural world and just started doing it myself and never looked back.

When it came to starting my platform, it was honestly like I've always been a really creative person and for me, it was a creative outlet because my parents were always like, "Go to school for something more professional and if you want to be creative, you'll figure it out." It was towards the end of school that I started doing this online. It just organically grew.

To be honest, I never pictured myself ever as being an entrepreneur. Seeing my dad work very corporate, I always thought that was my path. I actually am happy this all happened to me because it's changed my life for the better in the best way possible.

It all started with the food and then posting it online and starting to grow a following and just feeling better and feeling good, inspiring others and getting such amazing feedback, mixed with some tons of life struggles in there as well. It just catapulted everything. I'm actually grateful for all of those struggles now because it's completely changed me as a person and it allows me now to be able to share this journey with others who are trying to figure it out for themselves as well. That's really what brought Rachael and I together was we had these individual food platforms, my blog is called Going Grainless.

Rachael and I decided to come together and just create a spot where we could provide accessible wellness information. I feel like at the time we thought we knew a lot, but we've actually talked about this last week and we were like, "Wow." I feel like even when you were on our podcast at the beginning we knew nothing.

Vitina: You know what, I love that you say that, but you still went for it. What I admire, and maybe this is like a mirror for both of us that's what I'm learning, is why I've been so intrigued by your journey is you are still ahead of someone. That is the biggest thing for people starting out in their purpose or their passion. You never really know where it's going to take you. You really don't. Did either of you go to business school?

Rachael: I actually did. I specialized in marketing. It does in a way, but I never thought it would be applied to something that I created on my own.

Becka: I did a post-grad after university just an eight-month course in marketing management. For me, that was where I started seeing a creative aspect. It was very short and I've never taken a business class before that.

Vitina: I went to OCAD for design. I majored in advertising, which I think, that all these skills give us those problem-solving abilities and seeing things a little bit differently, but, like you Becka, I never grew up with someone in my family that was an entrepreneur that I was seeing on a daily basis and seeing what that looked like. I, too, thought that my path involved working, who knows, like maybe as a teacher, initially, and then it was in advertising. Then, I was in my final year at OCAD and I'm like, "There's no way I'm working in an ad agency. There's just no way."

I know that you guys did have your experience in 9:00 to 5:00, how did that transition go from moving into that 9:00 to 5:00 world into where you are today?

Rachael: For me, it was a long time coming. I remember when I left school, all of my friends were moving to Toronto, or they were from the GTA, so, for me, it was like, "I need to be in Toronto, this is where I need to be. I need to find the best corporate job and work for these big companies." That's exactly what I did. I got these big corporate jobs, but I remember, it was interesting because I always felt like I didn't fit in because it didn't appear that my friends felt the same way I did about my jobs where I was just like I hate being at a desk every day, day in, day out doing the same monotonous things.

I was really fascinated by bloggers at that point, fashion bloggers, specifically, which is so interesting because I'm not a fashion blogger whatsoever. When I look back on that what drew me to them was their freedom lifestyle, the fact that they could work wherever they were, that they could travel, that they had these lifestyles that were working around their business rather than trying to fit into a mold. I was really inspired by that. For years and years, though, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to create something, but I was like, "I have no idea of what I would make or create that would be interesting or cool or whatever."

I was just a really confused individual. Interestingly enough, finding out that I had celiac and to a lot of people that's such a shitty diagnosis, but now I know what's been plaguing my health for all this time. All of a sudden, a light bulb went off and I was like, "This is a business opportunity. This could be something that could work." Even then, when I launched my platform, I still worked for a number of years for someone else. I guess the turning point was, things began to ramp up, I realized that my passion lied within creating something for myself, and not putting my energy towards someone else's business and creating someone else's dream.

It just got to a point where the university gave me multiple signs and, like Becka was saying, I hit a pretty big personal rock bottom weeks before I left my last full-time job. I know that was just the universe giving me that final push and to go for it because had I not had that push, I might still be one foot in, one foot out. Then, the podcast, in addition to that, was just like, "This is where I want to spend my time. These are topics and subjects I want to explore and these are people I want to surround myself with."

Vitina: Absolutely. I too had a similar experience and it's like you're one foot is in this safe opportunity. It feels comfortable. Your fight-or-flight response is taken down because security-wise, you're taken care of. The signs are there. The universe is poking you here and poking you over here, poking over here. Then it's like, "Okay, Becka, Rachael, Vitina, you're not listening. Everything's going to crash down and now you're going to have to start rebuilding." Becka, I'm curious for you, were there any fears that you encountered when you were going through your transition?

Becka: Again, I feel like it was a really long time coming. I was doing my blog for four years before I took it full-time. When I started it, I never expected it to be a business. For so long, I didn't treat it that way but there was always something in the back of my mind where I was like, "This is going to be my job." I don't know. I hated every other job I had. I would bounce jobs every six months and I just had like a knowing almost. I think what made it easier is Rachael had already made that transition. By that point, I wanted it. Again, it's almost like the universe sending you signs that its time.

A few months before that, I broke my ankle and I was off my 9:00 to 5:00 for like two months. Although I wasn't working on my blog, and on my online stuff at the time, I didn't want to go back to my job when it came to going back to it. Very quickly after that, I had it in my mind, I was like, "I don't know how I'm doing this, but I'm leaving my job soon." I honestly thought it would be like a year later or something, so, I'm like, "I want to have X amount of money saved. I want this or that." I honestly didn't really have that many fears and I've never looked back.

Vitina: That's awesome. You know what, it's nice in hindsight. I'm sure not during the time, but you had the physical space. You had to take time to heal. You gave yourself the mental break, the mental separation to start seeing things clearly and as they were.

Becka: It's funny, you say mental because physically breaking my ankle, people think it's a physical thing. It took me on such a mental journey that you're so correct with that. It wasn't just dealing with what had happened there but it was reevaluating everything else in my life. Again, it was a really bad break. I had to get surgery, all that but at the end of the day I'm almost thankful for it because it gave me that time and space to slow down and reevaluate life.

Vitina: That's so beautiful. It's really inspiring to see that. A topic that I've been going through lately is unveiling and uncovering these masks that we wear. I don't know about you. When I worked in the music and entertainment industry for years, I know you ladies have openly shared about your party days and those masks that we wore to portray ourselves in a certain way. I'm just curious to know for you guys, have there been any masks or identities that you have had to let go off or kill, essentially, for you guys to be able to move into this space and wellness?

Rachael: I think it's part of the growth and evolution of who we are in the sense of-- Yes, there's definitely been parts of me that I've shed and that I walked away from whether it's low vibrational people, low vibrational situations, aka the job that I wasn't happy with, or even pivoting the type of content I'm sharing, because, as I mentioned, when I left my full-time job, I was still gluten freedom. That was still my focus. These situations in my life at that time were almost holding me back.

I would say it was probably around like September, October last year where I kept getting these pings that I needed to drop the gluten component for my brand and my Instagram handle, especially because it didn't define who I was. I'm not just what I eat. I'm not just a gluten-free person. There was so much more of me that I was getting comfortable and confident with sharing. I think that's been a really big thing for me. I've shed a lot of my past and just accepted like that's a part of who I am. That's brought me to where I currently I'm now.

I think it's just sharing those bits of me more unapologetically. Actually sharing that part of me where-- I'll say I used to hide the fact that I had this dual life almost where I would go and I would party, but then I would be like, "I'm a blogger and I have to have this certain way." I think I found a way to incorporate it because I still find balance in having drinks and staying out late sometimes to dance with my girls, but then I still like to get up early and do my meditation or go for a run. Whatever it is I'm finding the balance for myself.

I'm not feeling ashamed of doing those things where I think there was a lot of shame at one point. Really just encompassing all of that into who I am, and weaving it into my brand and just being like, "This is me."

Becka: I want to touch on that because I totally agree with that. It's been a realization for me, I think reaching the past year. We're not ashamed to be sharing that anymore. It's not like we're doing that every night but if there's a night where I want to go out with my friends and have fun, to me, that is a form of wellness. I'm with the people that I love. I'm laughing. I'm having fun and so I'm not ashamed by that. Also, as I started to take this more seriously, I started talking to a lot of friends that I've had in the past and everything and they're like, "You're so much more relatable when we see you drinking. We also see on Instagram the next day, out for a run and doing your thing."

I think also getting the validation from others being like, "You're more relatable in that sense," I just own it. It was really hard for a while because in the wellness space, I'm sure you feel this too for so long, people were like, "I'm perfect, I don't do that."

Vitina: You're comparing yourself to that.

Rachael: Being like, "Oh, my God, I know wellness in that. That I think was a big one.

Vitina: I love that you said unapologetically yourself. I don't know if it's that shift into your 30s. I know there's Saturn return and then that shift into your 30s where you're like-

Rachael: I think Becka's experienced it because she's 28, 29 that age with this-- I don't know what Saturn return was until last year. I was like, that was my last three-plus years.

Becka: I've been having it.

Rachael: You're in it and aware of it.

Vitina: It's nice to have that understanding because sometimes when you're going through it, and it just feels chaotic and you're like, "Will this ever end?" We just did a podcast episode with Danielle Paige, and she's a big astrologer. If you haven't listened to that one, it's a really good episode. Going back, that idea of being unapologetically yourself is so key. There's this image that we place upon ourselves, especially with social media, and portraying a certain image, it's so easy to curate. Sometimes I would feel so guilty, and I totally can relate.

It's like I'm out in Toronto, on a patio having a cocktail I'm like, "Oh, my God, if anyone actually saw me right now what are they going to think?" That's a huge realization and a wake-up just to be yourself and this invitation to believe you because I'm sure you can see the difference even on interactions on social media when you are being you. It's like, "Hallelujah. Thank goodness, you're having a glass of wine because I have a glass of wine too."

Rachael: You're not hiding.

Becka: Then people can be like, "I can still have fun with my friends but then I can also have that healthy lifestyle. You're not healthy 100% of the time, but no one is."

Vitina: Totally. Last night, I've been doing this summer healing circle and it's been really helpful. I've always just tried to find different tools and I want to dive into that with you guys too. I'm just going to share this really quickly. Last night, the theme was uncovering our masks, and there are three main masks. You have the love mask, which is finding love and finding something outside of yourself to fill you. That's not an in-depth description of what this is, but just an overarching theme of that mask.

Then you have the power mask which is like, "I have no emotions," and you're really proud of yourself and not being weak. Then you have the serenity mask, which some people on this spiritual journey can identify with where it's like you're indifferent. You don't really have an opinion about something. You're just floating in between. When you're in that space, you're actually not really feeling anything as well. I really relate to that serenity mask because I've always played that role my entire life with my community, with my friends.

People would come to me because I'm really indifferent but it's actually proven to be really harmful to me along this journey. This is why I wanted to bring it up because I know that there are other people that are struggling with this serenity mask, especially if they're on this spiritual self-discovery journey. I had a boyfriend once said to me, "You do yoga, shouldn't you always be happy?" I just completely shut down. I shut down feeling completely, feeling joy, love, happiness, these amazing emotions, because I also wanted to disassociate from anger.

Anger is a big one for me, that I've had to learn is actually an okay emotion, sadness, confusion, disappointment, and all the other feelings. It's interesting to start uncovering this and peeling back the layers. It sounds like you ladies are doing the same in your own way and using your own tools, it's coming back to that core sense of yourself and just owning that. I really admire that. Again, I feel like that's me seeing something maybe in myself too.

Becka: This journey is never-ending where we're constantly doing the work where we have to constantly be peeling back those layers.

Vitina: It often is our mindset. Rachael, I know that you're currently in California right now looking to do your masters in NLP. I've been watching a lot of the videos and I'm going to connect some of these videos in the transcript show notes so people can connect with them. It's really powerful. I went to one of the Hay House conferences and got to experience it myself. We all got to do it. I got to witness, I think five people on stage go through the technique.

I wanted you to share a little bit more about that because I do think it's a valuable tool. If it speaks to someone that they could use, as they're on this self-discovery journey.

Rachael: It's so crazy. I don't really know what fully brought me here, but I do believe the universe kept guiding me on this path. As I left my full-time job, I started doing a bit of coaching with other influencers, or other aspiring influencers, who were looking to make a similar transition like I had from full-time working to working for themselves. A lot of them were newer, or just didn't have that business acumen. I didn't think I really did, but like you were saying earlier, I knew more than most people did, which I didn't recognize. I did until I left and people are DMing me and asking questions.

I started on this path of coaching one to one helping other aspiring entrepreneurs because I actually believed that if you have a passion that you can absolutely make money doing it. You can absolutely make that into something as long as you've got the persistence and the drive and all of that. It was really filling my cup up because I was getting to help others do what they love. My patches kept taking me to different people who I later found out were NLP practitioners. NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I was following these people and inspired by what they're saying, what they're doing. I'm like, "What the hell is NLP?"

I had no fricking clue. "I want to do what they're doing. I want to know what they know." A lot of it was subconscious mind work. That's ultimately what NLP is. It's the study of the language of the subconscious mind. At this point in my journey, five months of being an entrepreneur, my blocks and my stories, my limiting beliefs, were coming to haunt me in a really big way. I worked with coaches. I was going to different healers. I still wasn't getting to where I wanted to be. They're all helping for sure, but what I realized I needed to get a grip on was my own mindset, my own programming, that we all have programming and layered into even this conversation.

Our programs dictate where we go in life. It dictates our success. It dictates how much money we make. It dictates the type of relationships we're in, et cetera. I was becoming fascinated with this because I'm like, "My stories are so limiting. I'm not getting to where I want to be because of my own mind. It's nothing else in my life. It's this." I, on a whim, found out where these ladies had gone to study, found out it was this place in LA called Transform Destiny, and I became a practitioner. With that practitioner, I learned EFT, which is the Emotional Freedom Technique.

I'm a licensed hypnotherapist, and with NLP comes a whole slew of techniques that you learn. For me, it was my own deep dive therapeutic approach, but now I'm able to apply that to my clients. For EFT or tapping, whatever you want to call it, you're essentially tapping into acupressure points in our body where our energy meridian lives on. If you have a negative emotion, or if you have a limiting belief or even an ailment. If you have a headache even or a stomachache, you can tap that away. Essentially, the sequence of tapping corrects that energy meridian so that it starts to flow in the way that your energy is meant to flow.

When you have a problem, or you have a limiting belief, that energy meridian is out of whack, and so you can tap on it in the exact sequence that it's designed to follow, and you can correct that in literally a matter of minutes, five to 10 to 15 minutes. It's really powerful. That's just one component of all of these different techniques I'm equipped with now. Literally tapping-- You were mentioning, I started sharing some of these generic sequences on my platform, but people were really drawn to it because there are problems that a lot of us experience, but we don't talk about.

Things like imposter syndrome, comparison, not feeling like you're good enough, competition. I'm just rhyming off a handful. These are all based on things that my clients come to me with. I know them to be real. I know them to be experienced by a lot of people. It's been the one thing that has helped propel me to a higher vibrational state on a regular basis because it's my mindset that I've worked on. It's coupled with all of this other work, all these different modalities. Becka, she'll touch on this I'm sure momentarily, but her Reiki--

We've been doing swaps of our techniques with each other. I know that blocks happen in our minds, but they can also get lodged in different Chakra points and energy points in the body. It's just one thing of a whole slew of things that I'm really excited to learn more about.

Vitina: Becka, for you. Reiki, would you say that is the number one game-changer for you in terms of your self-discovery journey.

Becka: I would say it's a piece of the puzzle. I have a lot of different things that have helped me. I don't know, for me, as I said before, I feel like everything on my journey, I've just fallen into it. Reiki, going to the same Reiki Master for years, one of our good friends. One day he was doing on me earlier this year. I never really overly thought about it before, but we were just talking and I was like, "I feel like I need to learn this." When I said that he was like, "I'm actually doing a private certification in two weeks." I was like, "Okay. Universe that's clearly a sign I need to do it."

Going into it, I had no idea what to expect. I wasn't like, "I'm going to have all these clients do that." I was at a weird spot at the beginning of the year. I was just like, "Let's just do this for myself and see where it ends up." but it totally has propelled me to a completely different direction, everything I'm working on now. Right now, I'm starting back from square one with a whole new concept. Reiki has been really cool as well because again, it's an energy-based healing modality working with the chakras. I have found it's totally changed me as a person.

The things that it can work on with clients still blows my mind every single day. I had a girl and she would tell me that she's had a headache for months and months and months and nothing's helped it from chiropractors to essential oils to everything. She's messaged me multiple times being like, "My headache has not come back from one session." I had other people who have extreme anxiety or self-limiting beliefs or lacking confidence. It's helping all of these issues. Again, for me, I didn't even know all this going into it. I think it's a piece of the puzzle, like the NLP and all these other modalities, but it is very cool where it can take you.

From that too, it's even taken me deeper into crystal healing. My Reiki sessions aren't just Reiki. It's taken me into other things. There's so much out there we can be doing. I think each modality is just a piece of the puzzle.

Vitina: Absolutely. I love that you said it was a piece of the puzzle because the energy healing, especially with Reiki, it's sourced but doing the work yourself too is so a piece of that puzzle. You can go to a Reiki session and get your energies aligned, but to keep consistent with that, you need to have some daily practice. Actually, this is a good question for you ladies. What does your daily practice consist of?

Becka: It's definitely taking time to work on yourself. I think for both of us, a daily meditation practice, taking time to work out, taking time to journal, read. Maybe not all those things every single day, but it's checking in and being like, "How do I feel today? What is it that I need in this moment?"

Rachael: I have to say, I went to a psychic last-- When was it? September or October. It was like this turning point for me in my journey in the sense that I became just so committed to myself and my journey and I became just so dedicated to tuning in and listening to my intuition.

That was something that she said I needed to do more of. I realized I hadn't been listening. I hadn't been tuning in. I hadn't been tapping in. As I said, what allows me to tune in and tap in is a regular meditation. Meditation, for me, has evolved drastically. I can now sit in 20-plus minutes of meditation and I can do different forms of meditation. Kundalini is a big one for me these days. It's that listening, taking that time and that looks different. It could even be like you said, working out, just quieting the mind enough that you can listen to what you need.

When you tap into your intuition more and more, I'm sure you can relate to this as well, the universe is guiding and supporting you all of the time every single thing which is why I'm doing this NLP, why I'm doing my master level, why my platform change. After that psychic healing session, I decided to change my platform. Similar, just the deeper you go into your own journey, your soul compass, exploring that, I think the better things happen for you.

Becka: I think too that's when you know you're on the right path because that's where you start getting signs from the universe.

Rachael: If you're living life chaotically, and that's what I think we were doing for so long, go, go, go without a purpose, without a direction just really trying to figure it out, but when you take that time- It's been transformational for both of us. I think it's really cool because our journeys are different. We're exploring different things but yet it's along the same path.

Becka: It's helpful to that even though we are on same but different journeys, having each other to constantly be able to bounce these things off and then be able to talk about openly where you talk about with some other partner, you are crazy. We don't judge each other for anything we say things we're like, "Cool." We know how to take the most out of therapy than most people.

Vitina: I love it and it's so nice to have that support system where you can really just be fully transparent and honest and have it be well received and in an unbiased sense. What I wanted to bring up and you said it so beautifully is like really tapping into your intuition. Intuition is so key and I'm sure you can relate where I wasn't listening. There are times in my business, in my life where I wasn't listening. I was being really rigid in what I thought I needed to do to achieve, achieve, achieve, to get somewhere.

When you're a little kid and someone puts their hand on your forehead and you're trying to punch them. You're being a little brat, that's almost like the universe having its hand out and I'm trying to get it. I'm trying to get there but I can't. It's almost when you stop resisting and you stop the rigid belief pattern, you start seeing things clearly and you start tapping into your intuition and that's what I love about you ladies is I can see that you're doing that. I can see after following your journey for the last few years after knowing you for the last few years, you guys are being flexible.

You're being malleable into what it is to get to your higher calling, to your higher purpose and your purpose I know from my experience has evolved and changed in a sense. Of course, it starts with our own experience, that's we have such a deep-rooted driver for us to go after and start making these choices, decisions, and start teaching people about these things that we have discovered because it was so impactful for us. I love that and I admire that intuition piece because it's something that we all have. It's something that lives within us, but often we neglect because we were told at a young age that mom or dad knows best.

Now we're avoiding being wrong, we're avoiding failure, we're avoiding all these things because we're so afraid of really trusting what's inside of us.

Becka: It's funny because with my Reiki clients I feel like that's the biggest thing I work on them with is their intuition. We'll do the session, but I always like to give them exercises because they're people who are open but they don't fully know how to listen or they're not fully aware of it. I'll even tell them, "When you're taking a walk turn off your music or the podcast and literally just take a few breaths then start asking yourself questions." That person that comes into your head that's the answer, rather it's how do I feel today? What do I want to eat for lunch? How do I feel about this situation?

It's just getting in that routine like when you're in the shower or when you're driving. Whatever it is just start tapping and breathe in like two minutes a day. Just doing that and then trusting and surrendering to whatever that answer that comes.

Rachael: You said something about the flow state and I think that's something that we've both fallen into now and that probably is a byproduct of us listening, but I remember there was this turning point where I wasn't trying to make the wheel spin anymore and I just got into that flow. When you're in that flow state which I think we're all in that, of course, its highs and lows ups and downs, you get off-kilter and then you come back, but I think that flow state, that quieting, that slowing down, has been a big thing for both of us. Just doing almost nothing.

You're doing but you're just allowing things to flow to you rather than trying to make everything work and just spinning and spinning and just almost going in this cycle. I think also collectively, we realize that maybe our real purpose and our real calling is to be the light for other people on their journey. As we see in the podcast but what you're doing with your Reiki and what maybe I'm doing with my NLP and what you're doing with your work, we do the work, we go through the hardships, we do the work and then we can use our experiences and what's helped us to share and to inspire others and help them along the path.

Vitina: We are these little lightworkers that's how I imagine us to be these little minions. I don't know it's interesting because when I visualize it like that, like we're the ones that are taking the hits, we're definitely following on our face, but only out of service to others. [laughs]

Rachael: I thought about this so many times though I'm like we don't get what we can't handle. We are capable of handling all of these shit storms. I call them shit storms because are. We have the ability to heal from it and we're stronger and more resilient than we give ourselves credit for sometimes.

Becka: You start seeing the lesson you're like, "What is the lesson I can get out of this to progress me further on my own journey and to be able to show people that.

Vitina: Absolutely. I have a question. What is the biggest pattern you recognized and have been able to break?

Rachael: I had a coach last year that explained something to me interrupted cycles and she cast light on these cycles that I kept getting myself into when it came to dating and relationships. I've taken that concept of cycles and applied it to multiple areas of my life, because until we take what we're meant to learn from a given cycle and breaking that pattern to up-level into a new cycle, you're breaking the habits of going to the same types of guys and having the same type of limiting belief. That concept of cycles was very simple in theory but to me was transformational.

I realize how many cycles I was living in, how many repeat experiences. For me, a big one was I was dating and relationships. Also, how I was operating my business, how I felt about my own self-worth, that was a big one and that's not just an easy one you snap out of but it became part of my act of work to believe and to feel that I was worthy of the success I wanted. That I was worthy of the love I desire, that I was worthy of everything that I was manifesting or visualizing for myself. That was part Reiki. I worked with our Reiki healer a lot with that. I was part NLP and I was part of this concept of the cycles and working with the coach through that.

I would say that was like my biggest transformation and growth. That was when I committed to that, that shift happened in a matter of months. That's my biggest.

Becka: You definitely taught me that and that's been one for me as of more recently in certain areas of my life. I would say the biggest one for me that I noticed was leaving my 9:00 to 5:00 job and unlearning what society has taught us. Up until a few months ago, and actually, Rachael NLP’d me for it, was I was getting extreme guilt and anxiety during the day if I wasn't super productive from the hours of 9:00 to 5:00. Things like, that corporate life teaches you but for an entrepreneur, we chose to have this ever freedom lifestyle and I wasn't giving myself that kind of freedom, because of what society had taught me.

I would say that was the biggest pattern that I've had to drop is unlearning everything that I grew up with, and then having a family in very corporate careers, and then working in very corporate careers it's such a weird concept of what North America has learned how to live. It's not life.

Vitina: It's not. I think only 30% of people are engaged in their job. I forget the exact number but there's a statistic out there right now. That's a very low number of people for the amount of time that we spend at work.

Rachael: Well, that's the thing. I started asking my friends. I was like work regular doesn't make any given day, how many hours do you think you actually work?" They're like, "I don't know maybe three." Then I was like, "That makes sense actually but why am I being so hard on myself that I think for eight hours straight I have to be sitting there doing that?" What's to say that sometimes I get a lot of work done for six hours, 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Who cares? Why does it matter? At the end of the day, most people aren't engaged, most people aren't happy and that's not life.

Vitina: I totally relate to both of your patterns. One of the biggest patterns that I've recognized in the last six months and what has been a huge help for me is also Kundalini. I'm currently doing my 300-hour yoga teacher training in Kundalini right now which is super exciting. A big pattern that I recognize and this translates to relationships, this translates to my business, all of the aspects of my life and that one thing was making decisions based on what others would think of me. That was a big one. I remember dating even last summer, I was dating someone and I honestly formed into this version of me that would fit into their life.

That's crazy. How did I do that? I don't know. I took almost a year of not really dating now since I've been out of my last relationship, now I'm dating someone. That year was so necessary for me to actually come back to myself and to not care what other people will think. This goes back to our conversation of just being more relatable because if you're pleasing everyone, you're pleasing no one and you're really not pleasing yourself, at the end of the day. I have a little exercise that I thought we could do for tapping into our intuition. If you guys are game to play.

Becka: Okay.

Rachael: We're in.

Vitina: Knowing you ladies, I figured that I can whip out my tarot cards.


Vitina: I got two decks here. They're my two favourite decks. Intuitively, I don't know if it's intuitive anymore, I just pulled them out. I'll let you choose and both of you could choose different ones. That's totally cool. We have Gaia Oracle, which is, it's great. Then we've got goddess guidance oracle.

Becka: We're playing the goddess one.

Rachael: The goddess guidance.

Vitina: All right, the reason why I pulled this out because I will often pull this out in some of my classes and workshops because we often know the messages within ourselves. I use my guidance cards. They're not officially Tarot, they're more Oracle cards, they're guidance cards, to help me in making decisions understanding a certain situation, or just getting clarity when shit hits the fan because that does happen. These have been like a ritual. I'm really excited that you guys are really into this. we'll just tune in for a moment. What do we need to know right now?

I actually pulled another one because they were two. I don't even know if I'm going to pronounce these properly so, forgive me, First we have Maui which is a representation of Mother Earth. Underneath it says, "You are called upon to help with environmentalism." Does this speak to you?

Rachael: I really took it as using our platform to continue to be advocates for better. I didn't really take it as an environment, although that is a very important issue, I took it more as individual environments, helping using our platforms in a sense of individual environment. That's how I took it.

Becka: Then I took it as a lot of what I do and the healing that I do is like teaching people about energy and getting rid of negative energy. A lot of it is sending it back to Mother Earth is a big one that I focus on with people. I took it as continuing sharing that message with people.

Rachael: You know what, we are one of the earth, so restoring ourselves is a huge part of that. People often focus externally and a big part of even my journey and why I'm focusing on humans is because once we become more conscious of ourselves, that is a reflection into the environment. We become more conscious of the foods we're eating, how our actions make an impact on the environment around us. Whether that's energetically, whether that's waste, whether that's our footprint, it all contributes.

The second one and I'm going to be honest, this was actually the one that calls me first so this might speak to you even more. That's why I ended up pulling it again because I'm like "Vitina, you pulled the second one. You should just have pulled the first one." I do that. I pulled this, "Aine. Aine" It means leap of faith. I'll give you this.

Becka: That's a good one.

Vitina: Leap of faith. Take a risk and put your heart's true desire into action.

Becka: That speaks to everything right now. Greatest confirmation.

Rachael: [crosstalk] I think it's a great lesson in general. Just always go for what feels aligned.

Becka: That's a really good one.

Vitina: Is there anything right now that you guys could take a leap of faith on?

Rachael: I think right now I'm taking a bit of a leap of being here and taking my master NLP course for two weeks and trusting that this is really the path I meant to be on and that by taking this next step in my journey, that I'm going to be able to impact more people. I think that's my biggest mission right now is just impact and help as many people as possible.

Becka: It speaks to me a lot right now. I have opened a lot of space, but it's scary, financially getting rid of clients to really start focusing more on my own business. It's funny because I had an opportunity to stay in LA here for an extra week so I took it. I'm in a position right now where everything is new and changing and I feel like that's just the perfect message for all the ideas I have but I'm a little hesitant about or scared about. Yes, I don't know. Even being here in LA for an extra week with no plans, just have faith that everything is going to work out as it should. You never know what opportunities are going to come your way.

Vitina: I love it and I think this is a really good message for our listeners as well. Take a risk, put your heart's true desire into action. This is your sign if you are looking for one. You're welcome.


Becka: You're welcome. Thank you.

Rachael: Thank you.

Vitina: Thank you, goddesses [laughs] and goddess guidance. I love it. Ladies, what is it that you're working on now that our viewers and listeners might be interested in, that they can reach out to you for?

Rachael: Well, I think on our podcast, we are just continuing to evolve and grow more into who we are. It's interesting, we've had this conversation that I think it's going to shift a little bit in terms of the type of content we're putting out. More an exploration of what we're diving into and tapping into yourself on a deeper level. I think that's what we're collectively working on. Then, Becka, you can share what you're individually working on.

Becka: My latest thing is that I'm currently working on as of this week, I have a brand I'm starting, I am Wellness Collective. It's basically an affirmation spiritual-based personal development brand. I'm working on an actual physical product which is my first product as well as online component as well. Basically, I have all the ideas but now it's like going forward with it. Then just day to day, again, the Reiki. I do a lot of healthy recipes and things like that on my personal Instagram becka.crowe and then the podcast as well which is on Instagram @thisisvibetribe.

Vitina: That's awesome. Where can people find you, and I'll link this for them too?

Rachel: Thisisvibetribe on Instagram for the podcast. @freedomrach for myself on Instagram and freedomschool.co, if you're interested in exploring coaching and NLP magic. You can check that out and see what I offer there.

Becka: As I said, I'm on Instagram @becka.crowe, @iamwellnesscollective and goinggrainless.ca.

Vitina: Any last pieces of wisdom for our peeps that you can share?

Becka: I think the piece of advice that we always share with people and it always stays is like just get started whatever it is.

Rachel: That thing that you're getting that won't go away that is telling you you should go for something, do it. If you thought about it more than once then it's a sign that you need to act on it and take that leap. Just do it, just go for it. You have nothing to lose. You only have everything to gain.

Vitina: Amazing. Ladies, thank you for being so unapologetically yourselves. It's been such a treat to swap places and [crosstalk] and to have you on. It's such a pleasure and you guys are doing so many beautiful things and spreading your light. Thank you for all you do.

Rachel: Thank you.

Becka: Thank you so much.

Vitina: Have a beautiful day.

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