• Vitina Blumenthal

How To Boost Your Impact Through Servant Leadership with Alexis Dean

The value of a human being can never be underestimated. Imagine what it would be like to go to work and really be seen, really be understood and valued as an individual with purpose, not just as an employee. What if you could run your business powered by a team of people who invest their heart and soul into what you do because they feel empowered to be all they can be?

If we think of leadership as being at the top of the ladder, it can quickly lead to a very isolating and emotionally demanding place. And for those at the bottom, they can often feel forgotten and undervalued. No wonder so many businesses are struggling. Perhaps that’s not the only way to do it. Perhaps the age-old triangle can be flipped and the employer can start working for the employee, and that’s just what we’ll be discussing on today’s episode.

Alexis Dean is the founder of Dovetail Summit, a global community of women who work together to empower fellow female entrepreneurs. She has introduced me to so many amazing people through her incredible network, many of whom I have had on the Soul Compass podcast already.

Alexis started her journey as an entrepreneur in the corporate training and leadership space. From facilitating events, running corporate team building to management roles and starting businesses, she was doing it all. But no one can do it alone and that’s when Dovetail was established. Struggling with the demanding nature of running her own business, working 24/7 and coming under financial and emotional pressures, Alexis realized the need to have a community of entrepreneurs alongside her. People who she could share with, learn from and grow with.

It’s a great honour to have Alexis with us today as we talk about Servant Leadership and how changing your mindset from “you work for me” to “I work for you” is crucial to running a successful and flourishing business. The pillars of Servant Leadership are invaluable and will help you to run a business that doesn’t just survive, it thrives.

What does it mean to be a good leader? How do you let go and allow your team to work autonomously, enabling their imagination and ideas to flourish? In this era of technology and global community, it’s imperative to value the individual. It’s imperative that we value the human.


  • [09:52]: How The Dovetail Community started

  • [11:06]: The downsides to entrepreneurship including isolation and mental health struggles

  • [13:41]: Recognizing where you’re struggling and working towards a strategy of growth to benefit you into the future

  • [14:41]: The power of having a support system

  • [15:41]: What does it mean to be a servant leader?

  • [17:26]: Shifting your focus from being the “leader” at the top to serving your employees

  • [18:26]: Pillars of being a servant leader

  • [18:41]: Pillar 1 - Practices to develop more empathy

  • [20:26]: Pillar 2 - Building community within and around your organization

  • [22:01]: Defining values in the community

  • [23:41]: The role that family has in defining your values within a community

  • [25:26]: Pillar 3 - Increasing your awareness and self-awareness

  • [26:31]: Checking in with your team especially if you work remotely

  • [27:26]: Checking in with yourself on a very regular basis

  • [27:56]: The work will always be here but you as a human being matters most

  • [28:56]: Displaying self-love which spreads to your community

  • [30:11]: Pillar 4 - Thinking about the big picture

  • [30:41]: Being a good leader is avoiding micromanagement of your teams

  • [34:01]: Looking at the ways bigger companies like Google and Apple support their teams to encourage creativity and growth

  • [34:21]: Pillar 5 - Not being coercive. You are not running a dictatorship.

  • [35:41]: Pillar 6 - Believing in the extraordinary for you and each of your team members

  • [37:26]: It’s hard to let the good team members go

  • [39:32]: What is coming up next for Alexa and how you can work with her