• Vitina Blumenthal

How To Deal With Change

I feel like for the longest time, I was really resisting change. On the surface, I may have seemed like I was relaxed, going with the flow and able to adapt, but on the inside I needed to feel in control. I needed to feel like I knew what was coming next and that I had a plan. During this ever-changing time that we’re currently living through, I’ve very drastically felt that all that I was holding onto, was forced to break away. And that has been very uncomfortable.

Yes, change is uncomfortable. Most of us enjoy feeling safe and secure, so when our need for some sense of predictability is threatened, we resist. What I’m starting to really understand is how inevitable and necessary change really is. You are always in motion. Nothing is really constant and it’s okay to feel a little unsure about what may be to come. This might be a really hard concept to truly accept. Change isn’t the problem. Your resistance to change is where the discomfort stems from.

The last year for me has been one of enormous shifts. In a matter of four months, two out of three of my businesses were shut down. No more WanderfulSoul. No more Wanderwell. I also lost $100K in personal investments just to top it off. It's been extremely challenging and quite mentally exhausting. Change is hard enough when you choose it for yourself, but when it is forced upon you it’s extremely confronting. When the trajectory of where you felt your life was going is completely shaken, it takes some time to adjust. I had put so many years and passion into establishing those businesses and all of a sudden, they were gone.

Coming out the other side of these big decisions and the shutting down of two businesses, I’ve started to reflect on how I’ve handled it. To be honest, I was really sad. I mourned, I was unsure and yet I can honestly look back and call that time of transition my greatest opportunity. The peace that I have found, the alignment, the focus have all been incredible gifts and directing me towards a clearer path.

I believe you have two choices when it comes to change; you can resist it or hold onto your hat and enjoy the ride. When we change our perspective, we find the silver lining to see what opportunities lay ahead, instead of getting stuck in the pain of letting go. Change isn’t to be feared. Change is inevitable.