• Vitina Blumenthal

How your biggest asset is getting in the way of your success with Kristine Kolzing

We all hold beliefs that shape the decisions we make every single day. As young children, our beliefs are internalized, quietly forming the way we see ourselves and the way we interact with the world. But what if those beliefs aren’t serving you anymore? What if they’re simply not true? Are you believing something to be true that is limiting your potential and holding you back from being aligned with your true self?

For most of us, the answer is yes. Perhaps it was something someone told you when you were young, or a generational belief structure that exists in your whole family or community. Wherever it came from, the good news is that you can change your belief structure. You have the power to realign your thoughts, overcome those beliefs and choose to believe something that would serve you better.

Our incredible guest today is Kristine Kolzing and I’m so excited to dive into this topic with her. Kristine is a transformational mindset expert who guides wellness entrepreneurs to step into their most powerful selves. She is a master success coach and CEO of The Alignment Tribe, an NLP & Reiki practitioner, certified pilates instructor, health and wellness coach and an all round beautiful and inspiring person.

In this episode, Kristine explains in detail how beliefs are formed and shares the number one thing that she teaches her clients, which is that you have the power to choose your beliefs. You’ll discover how to identify your limiting beliefs and learn how to realign your thoughts, expand your thinking and design a life that you love.

I know you’re going to be so inspired by what Kristine has to share. Tune in, unwind and let your heart and mind be expanded.


  • [4:29]: How beliefs are formed at a very early age and stored in your subconscious mind

  • [5:50]: The critical factor that is formed as you grow which causes you to analyze the information coming in

  • [6:50]: How you filter in information to reinforce beliefs that have been formed and the importance of critically analyzing your beliefs

  • [8:13]: What happens when you don’t challenge beliefs

  • [10:00]: How Vitina challenged a life-long belief and created a new belief structure.

  • [11:46]: The two main indicators of your thoughts and limiting beliefs

  • [12:57]: The questions you need to ask yourself in order to identify your limiting beliefs

  • [13:31]: How Kristine identified and overcame her belief that she wasn’t good at technology

  • [15:30]: Identifying the limiting belief and how it was reinforced in Kristine’s life

  • [16:41]: How Kristine decided to believe something new that would serve her better

  • [17:50]: The different types of beliefs, where they come from and how to realign beliefs that are holding you back from success

  • [19:00]: How simple it can be to choose a new belief that serves you and the importance of focusing on creating the life that you want

  • [19:45]: The difference between being at cause and being at effect

  • [20:22]: The self empowerment of living at cause and taking responsibility of your feelings and actions.

  • [22:20]: Kristine’s advice for soulpreneurs looking to change their belief structures and how it all comes down to choosing what you want

  • [23:27]: How women often take on too much responsibility for others and how much more freedom is available to you when you choose abundance for our own lives

  • [24:57]: Kristine’s podcast and free coaching available online