• Vitina Blumenthal

Running a Wellness Business and Avoiding Burnout with Joy McCarthy

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not really excelling at anything? You’re being pulled in different directions and you’re juggling so many commitments at once that it’s hard to know what’s more important. It feels like you’re doing “okay” in all your endeavours, but you’re not achieving the results you were hoping for. How do you get to a place where you’ve achieved that healthy balance? The place where you’re eating well, you’re sleeping well, you’re kicking your career goals and you’re just…living well.

This is a question that my guest today, Joy McCarthy knows well. Joy is an incredible business woman running her own deliciously inspiring company, Joyous Health. Joyous Health is the ongoing story of how one woman took her passion for natural health and not only used it to heal her own health issues, but to also inspire and teach others that they can take charge of their own health joyously, mindfully, and naturally.

Although Joy and her wonderful Joyous team have built up a super successful company, she acknowledges that it wasn’t always like this. There were a lot of times in the early days of starting this business that Joy admitted to being an absolute workaholic. Working nights, weekends and just hustling her butt off. Even though she thrives on being busy and relishes in the opportunity to overcome hurdles, learning to switch off and relax was a skill that had to be learned. You can’t keep going, and going, no matter how much you love something without eventually burning out. You need to allow your body time to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

This episode is so packed full of helpful takeaways for entrepreneurs and wellness enthusiasts. Get ready to be inspired!

To learn more about Joyous Health, head to their website www.joyoushealth.com or to learn more about the Joyous Health Business Program, you can head to joyousbusiness.com. They're also very active on social media via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

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  • Listening to medical advice, but also doing your own research

  • Don’t try to do everything yourself, find your “village” and create a team

  • Find those areas of your business where you can outsource to up level and grow

  • Year one of your business will look very different to year ten of another, comparison is not your friend

  • There is no luck in business. Be prepared, be engaged and be open to opportunity

  • Engage with your audience. Ask them questions about your business offerings, and see what changes you can implement

  • Don’t wait until your content is “perfect” before getting it out there

  • If money is tight, there’s still opportunities to outsource and grow your team

  • Find the medium that you comes easiest to you to share your story



Joy: A very small percentage of people in the Wellness Business have become successful because of luck.It's more just being prepared and working smart and working hard. Sometimes, I will admit, I was definitely not very balanced

Vitina: Namaste and welcome, I'm Vitina Blumenthal and you're listening to the Soul Compass podcast. I'm here to help you find your inner calm and deepen your self-discovery journey. Take this moment and focus on yourself. For your mental health, your ability to find ease in your everyday life and your emotional well-being. It is so important that you nourish yourself not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Here at Soul Compass, you'll learn practical tips from experts who will leave you with a sharper focus and a renewed commitment to yourself.

Do you ever get the feeling that you’re not really excelling at anything? You’re being pulled in so many different directions and you’re juggling so many commitments at once that it’s hard to know what’s more important. Where do you focus your attention? Maybe it feels like you’re doing “okay” in all your endeavours, but you’re not achieving the results you were hoping for. How do you get to a place where you’ve achieved that healthy balance, and what does that healthy balance even look like? Maybe it’s the place where you’re eating well, you’re sleeping well, you’re kicking it at your career goals and you’re just overall…living well.

This is a question that my guest today, Joy McCarthy knows very, very well. Joy is an incredible business woman running her own deliciously inspiring company, Joyous Health. Joyous Health is the ongoing story of how one woman took her passion for natural health and not only used it to heal her own health issues, but to also inspire and teach others that they can take charge of their own health joyously, mindfully, and naturally.

Although Joy and her wonderful Joyous team have built up a super successful company, she acknowledges that it wasn’t always like this. There were a lot of times especially in the early days of starting this business that Joy admitted to being an absolute workaholic. Working nights, weekends and just hustling her butt off. Even though she thrives on being busy and I’m sure a lot of us can relate, and she relishes in the opportunity to overcome hurdles, learning to switch off and relax was a skill that had to be learned. You can’t keep going, and going, no matter how much you love something without eventually burning out. You need to allow your body and your mind time to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

I’m so excited to dive deeper into this episode because it’s so packed full of helpful takeaways for entrepreneurs and wellness enthusiasts, and all the like. Some topics that we cover are:

  • When to do your own research for your own health. That’s a big one.

  • When to start outsourcing work and making a hire to uplevel and grow even if money is tight.

  • How comparison is not your friend.

  • Understanding there’s no luck in business. That’s a hard one I know, but how you can build your own luck.

  • Utilising your audience, no matter what size of audience you have currently, to effectively build your business.

There’s so much more in between but for now it is my pleasure to welcome the lovely, Joy McCarthy.

Joy McCarthy: I'm thrilled to be here. Thank you so much for having me.

Vitina: Of course. I'm really excited to learn more about your journey, and how you got into doing what you're doing. Is it safe to say that you've been in the wellness biz for at least a decade now?

Joy: Yes. We had our 10-year anniversary actually of the blog earlier this year.

Vitina: Wow.

Joy: I feel like I've been in the wellness industry longer than that but officially, when I started the Joyous Health blog, that was 10 years ago this year.

Vitina: Wow, congrats.

Joy: Amazing to look back at how much the industry has changed, how much what we know has changed. It's pretty amazing.

Vitina: Most people that I meet in the wellness world, have a catalyst that pushed them into the industry. I don't like to assume, but I'm guessing that you might have a story into why you got into the nutrition world?

Joy: Yes, totally. I definitely feel that since being a child, I feel that I've been a student of nutrition my whole life. I was the one as a teenager that was eating carrot sticks with hummus, eating all my avocados and guacamole, that type of thing. I was eating those kinds of foods when I was a teenager. My mom more specifically, always cooked really healthy food.

Somewhere along the line, in my late teens, early 20s, things went a little sideways. I became a little bit overly obsessed with my diet. That's when my health started to be impacted by that.

I didn't get my period for months at a time, my hair was thinning, my eczema was really flaring up, and I had the worst digestion. I just had so many digestive troubles. Went from chronic heartburn to chronic bloating to being constipated, I just could not figure out what the heck was wrong with me. Then my anxiety seemed to be at an all-time high as well. I felt like I was just this train wreck. I had all these things going on and I went from doctor to doctor, specialist to specialist. I was being advised to take different medications. Medication for heartburn, a laxative for constipation, a pill for anxiety. I would go four to six months and not even have a period.

I tried all these different things with these different specialists. I actually wasn't getting anywhere, it was just getting worse. To look at me, you would think I was a healthy 20-year old but yet inside, I felt like I was falling apart. Then, it wasn't until I decided on my own that I was going to look into natural health. I looked up naturopathic doctor, which was impossible to find back then because this was in the late '90s, early 2000s. It just wasn't it's commonplace. Now, you can ask your girlfriend, "Hey, who's your naturopath?"

At least, in my circle of friends, I took responsibility for my own health. I took my own health in my hands and I started doing all my own research because I couldn't find a naturopath. After about six months, I really started to notice changes and my health completely turned around. My anxiety vanished, my digestive problems went away, I got my period back, my hair started to grow back again. W hen you asked about the catalyst, all right, this is a very long-winded way of telling you that, yes, having my own hormonal imbalance- and the hormonal imbalance which was causing all of these issues, that the root was really in my unwell digestive system.

When I approached it from a more natural health perspective and got to the root of what was going on, then that's when everything changed. That's what inspired me to go back to school, eventually years later and study nutrition.

Vitina: So cool. When you went and were seeking out a naturopath, was that something that you had heard of before or were you just done with taking the medication? Were you not interested in taking the medication? Where were you standing when you were seeking that naturopath?

Joy: I think what happened was, I just hit rock bottom. There was one specific doctor I saw, yet another endocrinologist, and she had recommended a new medication to me and I just wanted to roll my eyes. I 'm like, "I'm so sick and tired of trying new medications because everything you're offering to me is not working." There was an actual day that I know that that was when I had that paradigm shift, that I was like, "Enough is enough. I'm not going to take another medication. I need to figure this out. No one else can figure this out. I know myself better than anyone. I need to look at what I'm eating, I need to look at my lifestyle." When I did that, that's when everything turned around.

It wasn't overnight but it was definitely overnight that I had that shift in my thinking. It was definitely just hitting rock bottom.

Vitina: You had mentioned that you would become obsessed with your diet. Do you think that was pushing the anxiety a little bit too?

Joy: For sure. For sure because food back then was 100% the enemy. I was not eating for enjoyment whatsoever. Everything I ate, I was like, "Is this going to make me feel bad, either from a physical standpoint or an emotional standpoint?" I had such food guilt. If I ate something that was remotely indulgent, I felt so guilty about it. I can't believe I lived in that prison for so long. It really was like a food prison. I had no idea how to enjoy food.

Vitina: You know what? I just came back from Italy, I just ate all the pizza, all the pasta, and slight guilt but you know what? I enjoyed every bit of it.

Joy: Yes, you have to. Also, I find food over there is much more simple and pure. I am a little bit sensitive to gluten but I notice a big difference when I am eating those kinds of foods when I'm in Europe. There's also the whole thought that you're on vacation so you're naturally just less stressed so you digest better. I think there is something to be said there is definitely certain areas of Europe that are just back to traditional eating, back to basics eating the Mediterranean diet.

Vitina: Yes, I find the same thing. I travel quite a bit and whenever I travel, I can eat different foods than when I'm at home, I've noticed. I wish I could eat all those foods at home as well.

Joy: I think it's part of the fact that you're on vacation. I think it's also, you're more relaxed and then also, the food you're eating is just more simple and whole and not full of pesticides. Whereas in Toronto, you really have to be a savvy shopper and find the best food possible. It's not that easy going to your big bucks grocery store knowing what is healthy because we have so many marketing messages. We have every food manufacturer fighting for our dollar with their food packaging, so it's much tougher.

Vitina: Are there more regulations in Europe about that?

Joy: Yes there are. Especially with GMOs and certain pesticides. Even with regulations around, beauty products as well, they tend to ban stuff way before Canada and the US does.

Vitina: I did know that a lot of my products are from Europe. Especially for skincare, it makes such a huge difference.

Joy: Skincare products from Germany are usually super clean. Some of the best brands or Hungary as well. We go to Austria every summer and I always go to the health food stores there. I look at all the different face washes and all of that stuff and they often stock up on brands that we don't have over here.

Vitina: So smart.

Vitina: I want to bring you back to your unreal business. I've been watching your journey for quite a few years now. On the outside, I think, most of us would think, "Wow, Joy just has it all together. You are a powerhouse and you're super successful. Success looks so different to so many people. I'm just curious, what does success look like to you? I know you've been through probably so much more than what we see on the outside.

Joy: Yes, for sure. What you see on social media is only part of my life. That's only the curated parts of my life that I choose to share. I want a lot of my life kept to just me too. Success for me is just being happy and I am happy. I feel like I've been in a really good place for, I would say, a good seven years. The early years of my business were definitely really tough and stressful and challenging. There are still lots of stressful challenging times but I think success is just being happy. That's really all success is.

My family is everything to me. I don't work the same number of hours as I used to. Although it looks like I have lots of success online, that's because I also have a whole team that I work with. As the old saying goes, "It takes a village." and it really does. I couldn't do half the things I do without my Joyous Health team. I do work less than I used to in the early days. That's so that I have time to be with family because that is when I'm the happiest. When I can be with my husband and my daughter and be outside in nature, going hiking. Those are all the things that keep me happy and thriving.

Vitina: How did you know when to make your first hire?

Joy: Oh, yes. That is a really tough one. The first thing I ever outsourced money for was I hired a graphic designer. The graphic designer who still works with me today, she's been with me for almost 10 years, I love her. A friend of mine was a personal trainer. She was personal training her and introduced me to this woman because she's like, she needs some nutritional help.

We did like an exchange. I was nutrition coaching her for a very short amount of time and then she was like, "Man, your marketing materials look terrible, can I help you?" Then I realized what a difference it was when I actually had someone professional making my materials look better. I want to say that was about a year and a half into having my business. Let me just tell you, that simple thing spending money on, made a huge, huge difference, just having someone help me with my branding, and bring my vision to life as opposed to me at the time I just probably had a PC computer trying to use publisher. I think it was called back then.

Vitina: Totally. [laughs]

Joy: That's how I was doing my handouts for my talks and my postcards. I was doing them all myself. They looked horrendous.

Vitina: The humble beginnings.

Joy: Yes, yes. Oh, God. You know what? It would be fun to find one of my old little postcards or something just to compare to where it is. That was the first thing I spent money on. It was 100% worth it.

Vitina: Yes. You know what? My background is in design. I totally get it. The design makes such a difference, especially when you're building a brand. I'm so glad that you brought that up because I've been thinking about that a lot. I have so many people that have come to me and asked like, "How do you get started on building your brand?" You've done such a great job. I love to hear that design was one of those things. I'm grateful for the scale because it's really helped in my business.

Joy: Everyone should hire you. [laughs] Although you're probably so busy.

Vitina: You know what? I actually have recently brought on a few different designers that I'm able to outsource work to. I am quite busy so I can't take on the personal projects. But we met through Women's Brain Health Initiative.

Joy: That's great. Yeah.

Vitina: I have been their creative director probably for the last, I don't know, seven years. The reason why I work with them is because it aligns so well with everything I'm doing with mental and emotional well-being. They all intersect. Everyone thinks that I do too much which I'm beginning to realize I probably do. [laughs]

Joy: When you're a very driven and ambitious person like you are that makes you thrive. being busy, I'm sure makes you thrive. I am not effective when I'm not busy.

Vitina: I'm the same way. I need more on my plate to be able to get things done which leads me to the next question I wanted to ask you because I admire the willpower you have to just commit to your projects, get them done. You have cookbooks, online courses, a beauty line. Now, a kid's get health line with genuine health.

Joy: Yes, yes, I'm so excited about that.

Vitina: How do you find the motivation to do all of this and be a mom and an awesome wife? I feel like you're Superwoman.

Joy: Yes. I guess the thing is, if you look at all the different accomplishments I've had, and the different products and books and whatnot, they've all slowly happened over time, right? My first cookbook, Joy South came out in 2014, which is now like five years ago. I would have never got that cookbook deal had I not been working on creating a platform under the Joyous community and the blog, and the social channels. That book would have never come to life.

All the little things that I've done, it's like this giant puzzle. They're just the puzzle pieces that fit in. One thing has happened after the other. I also think for me, when I have a project, I'm really excited about and I'm working on. For me, what helps me accomplish things is having a solid deadline. That puts the pressure on me. With writing my cookbooks, I have a contract, I have a deadline. If I don't make that deadline, I'm not getting paid.

Then I have a lot of passion projects like the natural body care line, the different products that we have. We have a dry shampoo coming out very soon, maybe by the time, this airs that will be out. All those products are just because I love natural beauty and I love researching different ingredients and listening to what the community wants, what they're asking me for. It's part of what I'm passionate about. Those are the products that come out along with what the community has been asking for as well.

Sometimes it's funny with social media. It's just like all of a sudden, I have a new book or I now have a kids line with genuine health. With the genuine health products, so we have a line of good health products for kids. With that, we started talking about that last year, it will be fully out in the US really soon too. They're projects that take like months and months of working on.

If someone who didn't know me went on to my website, and I often hear this from people who don't know me, they're like, "Holy crap, you're doing so many things. How do you do it all?" Number one, I have a great team. Number two, they haven't all happened at once, things build upon each other.

Vitina: Totally. That's actually really good perspective for the entrepreneurs and the creators that are listening. You've been doing this for 10 years now. That's such a good reminder for all of us who are either just starting or a few years into it, five years into it. Keep going, because you committed. You committed to showing up and writing your blogs, creating recipes and just building on top of what you had a passion for, and people notice that.

Joy: For someone just starting at early few years into your business, you have to get out of the mindset of comparing your year one or six months in to my 10 years. I was there too at year one and had no newsletter subscribers and five blog posts and no products. I was struggling to get clients. I feel like in this business, a very small percentage of people in the Wellness Business have become successful because of luck.

It's more just being prepared and working smart and working hard. Sometimes, I will admit, I was definitely not very balanced when I definitely had time periods of being a workaholic. All my biggest accomplishments that I have had have been actually through times of not being balanced, whether it's writing a book and I'm sitting on my butt for like hours on end. That's not very balanced.

Everyone sees the glamorous side of it, but that's what I try and show with my Insta stories. I try to show people behind the scenes so that it doesn't always look like it's just this perfect, healthy, beautiful life. There's a lot of us working behind the scenes to make everything come to life at Joyous Health.

Vitina: Absolutely. I love that you said that you listen to your community based on the decisions that you make and how you choose to move forward. That is huge. That's something that, unfortunately, I feel like I'm only just learning. When you put the feelers out with the community, how do you approach that as an entrepreneur?

Joy: Sometimes it is as simple as a post on the Joyous Health Community Facebook page. "Hey, guys, we are in the midst of developing a dry shampoo. This is what we're thinking for the packaging. Do you like A, B or C?" Sometimes it's, "Hey, I'm considering writing an E-book on kids snack recipes, should I do snacks or should I do lunches?" Asking people what they want so very directly doing polls and Instagram stories. I love doing that, asking people questions on social media.

Then also, listening is not always that active. Sometimes it's just-- I noticed that a lot of people are asking me for brand recommendations for a certain product. One thing my community loves for sure is hair care. We have a natural shampoo and conditioner and we're soon going to have the dry shampoo. Because over the years, our community is always asking us about those kinds of products.

It makes sense that we developed something that we love and we trust and believe in because it's just so much easier to sell when you use it yourself and you believe in it.

Vitina: Amazing. I'm jumping on this bandwagon for the dry shampoo. [laughs]

Joy: Oh yes. [laughs] Totally. I'll send you some when we have it.

Vitina: I just ran out. [laughs]


You said for the last seven years, you feel like you've been in a really happy place. When you're out of sync and you can't find motivation, how do you get yourself back into alignment?

Joy: I've stopped working. First of all, I'll just like to take a break. That's the nice thing about being an entrepreneur. If it's Friday afternoon, and I don't necessarily have a deadline I need to make right away, I will just stop working. What really helps me feel better, I live in the High Park neighbourhood in Toronto. It's not fancy or sexy or anything. I just go outside into the park. I just go for a power walk.

I just really love walking. It's probably one of my favourite forms of exercise. I find that just being in nature is like hitting the reset button for me. On a Saturday morning, my husband really loves coffee. Even through the winter when it's minus 20 outside, we'll be like, "Let's walk 45 minutes to your favourite coffee shop. Let's walk there." Like having a destination and then we're out in the cold, fresh, crisp air for a while. I just find being outside is the best thing for me. I really feel like rejuvenated.

Vitina: You know what, it's so good because it grounds you down so much. It gets you out of your head and back into your body.

Joy: We read all these books, and we pay all these experts and we download apps and we do all this stuff to become more mindful and healthier and happier, when honestly, a lot of times we can just go outside in nature is completely free and that in itself is like hitting the reset button.

Vitina: What is the trendy thing right now, Forest Bathing?

Joy: Oh, yes, totally. The term came from this Japanese researcher. All that is is just going for a walk in nature. They've done some interesting studies actually. There's research on people who are in a hospital, who have a window where they can see trees actually get better faster after surgery. There's amazing research actually on nature even just seeing it. If ever you feel like you're having a crappy day and you can't get outside just like pull up your iPhone and like look at photos where you've been somewhere beautiful. Or if you personally haven't been somewhere beautiful, someone listening to this and like, look up a place you'd love to go visit someday. Go on YouTube and watch a video of some ocean waves. Even that itself can just like really help you reset.

Vitina: Such a good piece of advice. I love it.

Vitina: Joy, you work with so many entrepreneurs through your joyous health business program. What is the number one issue you see with entrepreneurs, specifically wellness entrepreneurs, and how can they avoid it?

Joy: I feel that people don't know where to start. In the Joyous Health Business Program, we have everyone from people who don't even have a logo to people who have been in business for five years. We see the whole sort of gamut and someone who's just starting a business has very different concerns than someone who's been in business for five years. I would say the biggest issue with people is that they don't know where to start and they're afraid to do anything. They're just afraid to put anything out there. They mull over it for days putting a blog post out or mull over a recipe that they're going to post on Instagram because they're afraid of what everyone's going to think. Or they're comparing themselves to someone who has a million followers on Instagram who's sharing all this great food photography. It's like just start somewhere. Somewhere is a place.

I think that's one thing that helped me from the very beginning was I don't know if it's just like ignorant bliss, but I don't have that in me where I mull over things like that. When it's like comes to writing something, I don't rewrite it 10 times. Maybe that isn't always the best because then I may have grammatical and spelling errors. Not so much now because I have someone that edits my stuff.

In the early days, I would write stuff and I would just get it out there. I wasn't like paralyzed to move forward because I was very motivated. I'm like, "I have to make money, I have to pay my rent, I have to buy groceries." I didn't have a backup plan. I would say that a lot of people are just so paralyzed moving forward. I would say another big concern that a lot of people have is, "I don't have a big enough social following. I don't have a big enough newsletter list". Well, if you don't start building it, how do you expect it to get big? Even people who've been in business for five years who are like, "Oh, I'm just going to throw in the towel." Even if it's your side hustle, and you have a different business that you're doing full time and you have this side hustle, you have to put just as much time into that side hustle if you want it to become your full-time thing.

Some people just they're not ready to make that commitment. That's fine too. As I said, in the early days, I was working nights I was working weekends, I was really hustling and I have to say I don't know if I could do that now. Now that I'm a mom, and I have other priorities in my life. I don't think I could have that same workaholic lifestyle, which is exactly why if someone has started or wanting to start something out, you have to make sure that you have a team in place, people helping you.

You know what I also did in the early days when I wasn't able to afford someone to help me, there's a lot of students out there from the co-op hours who need to work for someone for free, because they needed to graduate from whatever program there. There's a lot of people who are happy to volunteer. I'm all about paying people but I'm just telling you, there's a lot of programs that I know personally that people have to get 50 hours of co-op working for free. I think for at least two years I had different co-op students helping me with my social media and helping me with different aspects of my business and that was for free. Then eventually I was like okay, I actually need to hire a community manager.

Maybe my graphic design too. You can offer to do an exchange of services. I mean, that's what I did with Carol, who's now my graphic designer who I pay when I didn't have the money to pay her. We did an exchange of services. You can go to like George Brown College, go on their website and look to see if there's a student in a graphic design program. There's lots of ways if you are just starting out and you have a lot of other things going on in your life, there are ways to get other people to help you for a very affordable price or get people to help you for free who are more than happy, because it's giving them experience too.

Vitina: Absolutely. One other thing you said that really hit home to me was mulling over doing blog posts or doing certain projects because I'm totally one of those people [laughs] .

Joy: Lots of people are like that.

Vitina: I think it also comes from that inner critic and being a perfectionist. What I appreciate about where you were at when you started, you said that you had bills to pay, you had to hustle. That fight or flight mode, you got out of your head and you were just like, I got to get it done. Whether that's being naive or fight or flight to just survive. If you do have another job, and you have your side business or side hustle, that's your passion project, sometimes your finances are being taken care of because you have this other job but you know your mind gets in the way because you want this passion project to be perfect because it's like you put your heart and soul. It's like wearing your heart on your sleeve. That's why I switched to podcasts because my writing my head gets in the way because I was told as a little girl that I wasn't good at English.

Joy: Oh.

Vitina: I know.

Joy: That's not a nice thing to say.

Vitina: It's not very nice, but it's stuck and now I'm rewiring that belief system. I find it easier to have conversations. That's why I moved to podcasts because that was easier for me to communicate to provide free content for my viewers and listeners. People that have been following me for years, I felt like I wasn't serving them in a way that I could. There are different means for people to connect, If blogging isn't one of them, maybe podcasting is, maybe YouTube is. I know you do it all. You are just like a superhero [laugh] .

Joy: I try. I'm terrible. We've been awful with the YouTube channel lately though. Something always takes the backseat. We go through spits and spurts with it. L ike YouTube we'll be good for three months and post every week. I don't think we've posted in like six weeks. Also, we started a podcast. We decided and I'm really glad we did this with our podcast. We decided from the beginning because Walker and I, my husband, we have a podcast together. We decided though from day one that we would just do seasons that would allow us to take a break so we can work on other things. We did 10 episodes, and we're taking a break from the summer and then we're going to come back in September. It allows us to work on other projects as well.

Vitina: That is so smart.

Joy: Even though I think some people weren't too happy about that, we told them like we're taking a break. You know what, then they'll be that much more excited when it comes back in September, I hope, fingers crossed.

Vitina: When you say people were unhappy, more of your followers or the team?

Joy: Yes, the community was like "What do you mean you're taking a break?" Maybe we should have made it more apparent from the very first episode because we didn't.

Vitina: It means that they're just going to be ready to listen once you come out again.

Joy: Yes. Then they can listen to your podcast and there are many other great health podcasts out there.

Vitina: Amazing. Your expertise is in nutrition and that's kind of what you went to school for. That's what your passion was. Now you've used it with entrepreneurship. What nutrition tips have helped you along your entrepreneurship journey?

Joy: I think that the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make and why so many entrepreneurs burn out is because they don't actually take care of their body and their mind. They burn out because they're not eating right, they're not taking time for themselves. Even when I talk about those days where I felt like a workaholic. That being said, I was still eating while I was still taking my supplements. When I did feel I was hitting a breaking point, I was making sure that I got outside in nature. I still exercised. I think that is what's really, really important when you're an entrepreneur. I think that being a nutritionist and having that knowledge helped me through those really tough times as an entrepreneur. Just having that staying power. Having that endurance using adaptive genes to help your body better adapt to stress.

Vitina: What are the things that you would do or wouldn't do? I mean, everyone's body is so different, I know that's such a general question but I feel like you might have a morning routine that might speak to people.

Joy: Yes, totally. One thing that I don't really do very much anymore is I barely drink alcohol. Again, this might be more unique to me but I just don't feel as sharp. We know that alcohol is a suppressant, it slows down your metabolism. It has many benefits too, of course, but for me personally not drinking at all ensures that when I go to a party on a Saturday night and I'm out late, I wake up in the morning on Sunday and I feel really good still because I did not drink anything. I just drink sparkling water with some lime juice.

Again, that's more unique to me because I just don't detox alcohol that great, maybe I need to work on my tolerance.

When it comes to my morning routine I hate being rushed, my perfect morning is not even waking up with an alarm, I always make sure I allow enough time so that we can have breakfast together. I get up, my daughter I will either wake her up or she wakes me up first, we have breakfast together, we always sit down. I have a three and a half-year-old Vienna's her name, I just never want her to feel like that sense of rush in the morning. That being said, there are some days where it takes her 15 minutes to put one sock on, then we're kind of like, "Okay. Can you hurry up, we're going to be late now." I try to take my time, always have breakfast that's really important to me. I'm not a morning exerciser but I do go for long walks in the morning because we walk our daughter to and from school that's a nice like half an hour brisk walk in the morning. That's definitely part of my routine even though it's like a necessity because we have to get her to school but then I exercise later in the day when I do yoga or I do obé fitness, I'm a big fan. I don't know if you've heard of Obé Fitness's App?

Vitina: No.

Joy: This is definitely a hack for entrepreneurs, I think I pay $25 bucks US or something don't quote me on that. It's obé and I just can select to hit workout, a circuit work out, whatever I want and then I just stream it to my TV and it's like 25 minutes and I just get my sweater on and I feel really great.

Vitina: I'm really happy that you did mention the alcohol, I love wine.

Joy: Yes. Wine is delicious.

Vitina: Wine is delicious. I try not to be rigid with it but I know especially I've been practicing yoga now for 11, 12 years and when I can't make my yoga practice because I feel hangover that even makes me feel worse. Then now working on my business for the last five years for WanderfulSoul and seven years for my design company, it does mess with my brain a lot. I just don't feel as clear, I actually get more anxious, more stressed because I don't get a good night sleep. Sleep is a game-changer.

Joy: So true, I'm glad you brought that up that is one thing that is non-negotiable for me, I am not the same person when I don't get enough sleep. The thing is because 9:30 to 3:30 is my workday, so I have to be productive in that amount. Monday to Friday that is the time when my daughter's at school or summer camp and I can really focus and then If I'm feeling tired then it's just not going to happen.


Vitina: What books have been game-changers for you that you've read, either for business or nutrition or self-discovery, I'm always curious?

Joy: Nutrition books aside because I definitely read lots of those but that's not as exciting, I actually really like reading autobiographies and books written by comedians. I wouldn't say that I like life-changing but I find for me because the Monday to Friday, I also do a lot of speaking in the evenings, even though I say my workday is 9:30 to 3:30. Last night, for example, I was driving out to Burlington to do a talk at a health food store, my day ends up being really long. I like books that make me laugh and have nothing absolutely nothing to do with nutrition. I have all my nutrition books, I'm really into the microbiome right now that's such a huge area of emerging research. I just finished reading The Whole-Body Microbiome and the next one I'm going to read is Let Them Eat Dirt. I love Ellen DeGeneres's books, she is just so funny.

Vitina: She's the best. I love Ellen.

Joy: Amy Schumer, did you read her book?

Vitina: No, I didn't.

Joy: Oh my God, it was so good. I wouldn't say these books are life-changing for me but I just love a book that can just make me laugh and take my mind off things. If I think of life-changing books I have to think of going further back eight, 10, 15 years back in my life and then I think about books. When I was a hormonal annoying teenager, my dad gave me a book called Finding Peace or Finding Joy or something and it was so sweet because my dad was into a new age as it was called back then, now it's just self-help or self-care. He gave me this book and that really made a difference in my life, it was just all about being more mindful and noticing the joy in your everyday life. I think it was called Finding Peace.

Vitina: I love my dad but I wish my dad would give me a new age book, at 14 years old.

Joy: My dad's so into this stuff, he loves it. Another book which I'm sure you've read is, he has a bunch of them. Don Ruiz, what's his name? Don Miguel, I don't know how to say his.

Vitina: I don't know.

Joy: The Mastery of Love.

Vitina: The Mastery of Love, yes.

Joy: Yes, and The Four Agreements. I actually just keep them on my night side table in the drawers, those are books that I can just open at any one time and flip open to a page. I feel like I haven't read those in a long time, it's been more just about laughing.

Vitina: That's refreshing for me to hear, I have a lot of people on and it's even refreshing for me as an individual because I feel like I always have to read a book that it will help me achieve more in some way. I'm a recovering achiever, I love to achieve, achieve, achieve, achieve.

Joy: That's great.

Vitina: I realized even on this last trip to Italy, I picked a book that was for psychologist or psychotherapist because I wanted to learn more about energetic fields. I ended up losing the book and I think that was the universe's way of saying, "Vitina, just stop. You don't need to achieve anything, go get a book to make you laugh."

Joy: You are 100% right. Totally. The universe did that, it did you a favour.

Vitina: I think that's the way I'm looking at it.

Joy: Okay. You need to get Amy Schumer's book.

Vitina: Okay. I'm on that.

Joy: It's so good and you'll breeze through it so fast.

Vitina: She's hilarious; I still need to watch her Netflix stand-up comedy, when she was pregnant.

Joy: It was so funny. That's something I do to de-stress as well. I love, love Trevor Noah, He's funny and smart and he's really cute too. Yes, for you listeners if you want a good laugh Trevor Noah, The Daily Show and you can get it online too.

Vitina: That's great to know, I don't own a TV.

Joy: You can watch it online, comedycentral.ca.

Vitina: Perfect, you're plugging them hard.


Joy: I'm a huge fun.

Vitina: I love comedy too, anything that can make me laugh and it's super light-hearted I love, I'm not good with scary movies.

Joy: That being said I really like crime documentaries. I like really dark shows like The Handmaid's Tale, I just finished Game of Thrones, I loved Game of Thrones. Did you watch it?

Vitina: I didn't but everyone keeps saying that I look like one of the girls on the show, I can never remember her name.

Joy: I wonder who that is, now I'm so curious.

Vitina: But I get it all the time.

Joy: Well, I'm sure it's a compliment.

Vitina: I hope so.

Joy: Because all the women are beautiful.

Vitina: Thank you to all the people who thought I was this character.

Vitina: Joy, it's been such a treat talking to you.

Joy: It's been nice chatting with you too.

Vitina: I know you have your Joyous Health Business Program starting in September, you have so much to offer and share. Where can our listeners find out more about the business program?

Joy: If you just go to joyousbusiness.com, and that takes you through the whole program, we actually have a lot of information on the site. It's a 12-week online program for wellness entrepreneurs, take your business from A to Z. On the website actually you can watch clips, it's a video-based program and then you have assignments that you have to do every week and you also can join live calls with Walker and I every week. You can actually see the nitty-gritty on the website, and on joyoushealth.com you can find the business stuff as well and on Instagram and whatnot.

Vitina: Amazing. Where can people find you on Instagram?

Joy: I'm at @joyoushealth.. I'm on Instagram - Insta Stories, I'm on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest too. Pinterest I share all my recipes. On the blog, we write a lot of content for entrepreneurs because that's definitely a passion of Walker and ours and we got into it because over the years I was doing just one-on-one business coaching with people and we're like, "We should actually create a program so that anyone in the world can access this information. We can teach them how to create the business of their dreams." Well, that's essentially why we created it, to help other people because there's not a lot of business programs out there that are affordable and as comprehensive, I think, as the Joyous Health Business Program.

Vitina: No. I was looking on the webpage, you are offering so much. I think that is a steal for entrepreneurs. I know you're providing so much value and so much wisdom. Definitely, if you're just starting out or if you are even a few years, five years into your business, I know that you have so much wisdom to offer everyone. I'm really excited to hear how it goes.

Joy: Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

Vitina: Joy, it's been such a joy to have you on today. You're just so authentic and you're just so beautifully you. I want to thank you for that.

Joy: You too.

Vitina: Thank you. I can't wait to connect soon.

Joy: Yes, me too. Thank you.


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