• Vitina Blumenthal

Three Strategies to Simplify Your Life and Focus On You

Well, I can’t quite believe that we’re here. After almost 6 months of the Soul Compass podcast, we’ve reached the end of the season. I'll be honest, I didn't really know what to expect when I first started this podcast, but it exceeded my expectations. I'm really grateful for the tribe, the community, and the support I’ve received along the way. Thank you so much for being part of this journey.

My theme for 2019 was to simplify, and along the way I’ve learned a few valuable lessons. Yes, they’ve been hard lessons, but valuable nonetheless. I’ve had to let go of so much, and work on this “perfectionist” mindset that I’ve held for so long, and work on creating space for myself. So on today’s episode, I want to share with you three strategies that I’ve implemented in my life throughout 2019, to help create the space that I needed in order to grow professionally, and personally.

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  • You can’t do everything, and you certainly can’t do everything really well.

  • How taking on too much will lead to burnout

  • Done is better than perfect

  • Just because you’re good at many things, doesn’t mean you should be doing all of them in your business. Outsourcing is key.

  • Three Strategies To Help Simplify My Life

  • Working on the relationship with yourself. Doing that which serves you fully, regardless of fear. What are you holding on to, and what can you let go of?

  • Get clear on your top priority items. List them out and say no to everything that isn’t in alignment.

So essentially, I felt as if 2019 was all about me cleaning up the mess. Getting more strategic with where I wanted to head, and simplify the areas in my life that I could. I feel as if I’ve achieved so much, and I’ve been able to hit so many goals, and it’s all due to a necessary mindset shift.

I’d like you to consider some ways that you can simplify, and what you can focus on for 2020.

I can’t wait to bring you Season 2 of the Soul Compass podcast. Thanks for listening and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.


Vitina: Namaste and welcome, I’m Vitina Blumenthal and you're listening to the Soul Compass podcast. I’m here to help you find your inner calm and deepen your self-discovery journey. Take This moment and focus on yourself. For your mental health, your ability to find ease in your everyday life and your emotional well-being. It is so important that you nourish yourself not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Here at Soul Compass, you’ll learn practical tips from experts who will leave you with a sharper focus and a renewed commitment to yourself.

Hello and welcome to Episode 18, the last episode of our first season. Wow. I can't believe that it's already been about six months since we started the podcast. I'll be honest, I didn't really know what to expect when I first started, but it exceeded my expectations. I'm really grateful for the tribe, the community, and the support I’ve received along the way. Thank you. Thank you so much for being part of this journey. If you’re like me, I'm sure you could always use a little joy, a little happiness in your life, but there are often things that we do that prevent us from living this fulfilled, happy, joyous life that we crave.

My theme of 2019 has been to simplify. That was my word, simplify. Along the way, I've learned a few valuable lessons, hard lessons, but valuable, nonetheless. Before I share these strategies, lessons, tips to create more space for joy, abundance in your life, let's do a check-in, here.

If you're driving, sitting tall in your seat, reaching the spine tall the crown of your head towards the roof of the car. If you're at your desk, just uncrossing your legs, planting the soles of the feet on the ground. Taking this moment to avoid any distraction.

If you're walking, just being mindful, maybe slowing down a little bit. If you happened to be seated, awesome. Finding a comfortable sit on the ground, crossing your legs in easy pose. If it's safe to do so, extending the palms over your knees or placing the palms in your lap. If you're driving, walking, you don't need to do so. Again, if it's safe closing your eyes for a moment, taking out the distraction of sight. Just checking in, checking in to see where you're at, where you're at energetically? Are you feeling depleted, dull, lack of energy? Are you feeling pretty good today?

Do you have energy flowing to get your tasks done or you feeling an excessive amount of energy, maybe anxiety, stress? Just taking note. You don't need to change anything. It's not good or bad. Just noting where you're at, in this moment. Then noticing where you're at physically. Are there any sensations in the body that are speaking to you? Any tension, pain, maybe lightness, maybe tingling in the fingers? Just taking note. Again, just observing. We’ll take three deep breaths together, three relaxation breaths together, inhaling for two, holding for one and exhaling for the count of four.

Taking a deep inhale into the nose for two: one, two, pause.

Exhale for four, three, two, one.

Taking a deep inhale into the nose for, two: one, two, pause

Exhale for four, three, two, one.

Last round, taking a deep inhale, one, two, pause at the top.

Exhale for four, three, relaxing the muscles and the forehead, the jaw, allowing the shoulders to soften away from your ears, coming back to a natural rhythm of the breath.

Whenever you're ready, you can gently flutter your eyes open if they were closed.

Now, that I have you present in this moment, let's dive into this week's episode. As I started mentioning, my theme for this year was to simplify. I have this habit, people closest to me in my life know this very well, to over complicate things. That's adding a lot of things to my schedule, I have a lot of ambitions and I often want to progress really quickly. I want to achieve my goals a lot quicker, then maybe are attainable.

This puts a lot of pressure on myself and this has caused so much anxiety, stress, moments of feeling really blocked and not feeling fulfilled, not feeling I was getting to where I wanted to go and would cause me days of just really having a hard time getting out of bed even. My strategy for this year or my intention for this year was to really simplify. For those of you who don't really know much about my background, I do more than just this podcast, this Soul Compass podcast, I create online courses, I run retreats which are technically two businesses.

I had another business: helping hotels create wellness programs within their vicinity as a new revenue stream and my longest business which is my creative company Align Creative Minds. I've had that company for over seven years. Most people don't know all the things that I do because I really do want to do everything. Take it from me, you can't do everything and maybe you can, but you can't do it really well. By over-stretching yourself, by taking on too many things, you're only going to find yourself in burn out.

Really if you want to simplify to create space for more dry abundance or things you actually want in your life, here are three of my biggest strategies that I've done this year, that have really helped me.

Number one is to create the space. If you have an overpacked calendar if you're always scheduling in meetings or you're always scheduling in your weeknight social gatherings or weekend social gatherings, how can you feel what you really want with an overpacked schedule? Maybe start with adding space in your calendar for you and sticking to it.

I know that sounds a little weird. It was weird for me at first, but it's almost adding space to do nothing. That nothing might be spontaneous. Maybe it's you going to yoga class. Maybe it's time to read. Maybe it's time to relax, meditate and be spontaneous. One highly recommended tool for creating space is meditation. That could simply be adding in just five minutes. You probably spend more time on social media than five minutes. If you're going to argue with me that five minutes, it sounds a lot of time just setting and process and reflect on what's going on inside of you? Oh, baby, you’re in for a treat. Five minutes a day, you've got this. It's weaving it into your schedule like you would brush your teeth. The reason why I'm so passionate about meditation is that it actually makes space for you and for you to really become aware of that inner critic, that inner voice that is showing up for you. It might be that voice that tells you, "You can't do this," or "You're not good enough." You need to keep getting these certifications so you can start feeling like a phoney. Whatever that inner critic is, we all have that inner critic within us.

It stops us from really achieving a purposeful, meaningful life, and stops us from really achieving our dreams and really creating space to spend time with the people that you love. That leads me into the next strategy which is saying, "No is your best friend. No is a hard one for many of us including myself." I was always a yes-person. Yes, yes, yes. I rationalized why I would say yes, and I'd get really excited if someone came to me with a project, they wanted me to participate on or an event, collaborations and I realized I was more excited about people liking me and being accepted. I went from being this yes-person to going to the opposite end of the pendulum and saying no, which was really hard for my ego, really, really hard, especially when my underlying drive of saying yes was to be accepted.

The last strategy, and again, this leads into it, is stop people-pleasing. Stop it. When you say yes to them, you're saying no to yourself. That's easier said than done, especially if the underlying driver for people-pleasing is a deep-rooted fear. That might be the fear of rejection, fear of not being accepted or fitting in. If you're running a business, you may feel like your business is threatened or you might find yourself in a social circle where you don't even actually really click with people, but you so deeply want to be accepted by them and it takes a lot of energy, a lot of your resources to maintain.

Ask yourself, "Where can I create more space?" Can you start adding in space for you? Quality time with you? Because self-care is not this pampering, getting massages. Self-care is really loving yourself and stopping that inclination to abandon yourself, so you fit in. What can you start saying no to? Really asking yourself, "What do I want to do? Will this fill up my cup or, hanging out with this person, will it drain me?" You know that. You're an energetic being. You can feel when some interactions energize you, they feel mutually beneficial and some interactions drain you.

What social circumstances can you say no to that aren't filling up your cup? But also, as you're running your business, are there clients you want to say no to? Are there projects that you want to say no to? Even if you're working internally at a company, if you know they're packing your schedule, can you feel strong enough to know that you can say no? If you can't deliver a quality product or a quality service, then it's doing an injustice to yourself, to the organization, to the business, and to the client. With people-pleasing, this is more of an introspective question, but asking yourself what you're scared of, what are you really going to lose? Sometimes our fears are there to protect us, especially if we're getting chased by a tiger or a lion, but often our ego loves to create fears and that creates a lot more challenge for us, but that's okay.

Once you start doing the inner work and start going deep, you start creating a better relationship with yourself and you stop abandoning you. You stop abandoning yourself for the need for approval. If you wanted to make these strategies even more simple, identify four things that are really important to you. Maybe it's time with yourself, your partner, your family, your yoga practice, meditation practice and once you're clear on those four or five top priority items and list them in priority. It's okay if you put yourself first. You can really say no to everything else because they're not in alignment with your highest. That's going to be really hard at first but take it from me, it becomes easier the more you train that muscle.

This year was probably one of the hardest years for me because I was cleaning up my mess. I was taking responsibility for the chaos, the mess, the overcommitments, the disappointments that I made choices. I'll be honest with you. It caused me a lot of embarrassment, which now I know is the destruction of the ego, but I felt it. I have let go of one of my businesses, so I can start really focusing, focus being my word of 2020, on the things that I'm really passionate about and the businesses and the projects that will help me achieve my goal and my intention, which is to help people heal themselves and also, giving them the tools to guide them along the way.

How do I get there? One, I continue with this podcast as a free resource so people can really start diving into this work, but I have another side of me that is so creative. Helping my clients design-wise, really these are heart-centered clients, who are changing the world, and helping them create a brand that goes hand in hand with their gifts is also such a joy for me and also, they're helping people heal themselves as well so there's a ripple effect.

My main focus for 2020, and you guys are going to hold me accountable, is focusing on the podcast. I have a course coming out in early 2020. It'll be the first step into the inner work, maybe for some of you or maybe taking your personal practice a little bit deeper and also starting to grow my creative business. It's been in business for the last seven years and it deserves a lot of love. It's kind of been put in the background even though it's brought a lot of abundance and joy into my life, but it's time to really focus on it. It's really supported me and my clients have really supported me on this journey. So this is my focus and I'd like you to consider three ways that you can simplify and what you're going to focus on this year. And it doesn't have to be considered now that we're going into a new year, this can be considered at any point. A new year is a great time to set goals, but you can set goals at any point. I really want to thank you once again for for being part of this journey with me.

And if you ever, ever, ever have any questions at all, you can send us an email hello@soulcompass.life. Send us a DM, your soul compass on Instagram, and you can send it to me personally @wanderfulsoul on Instagram. And I love to hear from you. I love to hear what struggles, achievements wins you have because it helps me really format and create content that will serve you, that's relevant to you. I'm here. We are all here to help you. Please stay in touch, take care of yourself, and I can't wait to connect again in season two.

Okay, that's it for this week's episode. Remember, to stay inspired in between our episodes you can head on over to Instagram and follow us @yoursoulcompass and @wanderfulsoul. For free meditations and mindfulness guides, you can head over to wanderfulsoul.com.

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Thank you. You beautiful soul for dedicating time to your self-discovery journey. Not only are you contributing to your own mental and emotional well-being but you are contributing to a healthier, more harmonious world and raising the consciousness of our planet. You are amazing and beautiful just as you are.

Thank you for being part of our journey. And thank you for letting us become a part of yours.