• Vitina Blumenthal

Understanding Your Birth Chart with Soul Astrologer, Danielle Paige

Have you ever opened up the newspaper and read through the horoscope section and thought, “Oh, that is so me,” and maybe you’ve encountered that exact problem this week. Sure, there is something in there that resonates with you, but that’s not even the half of it. Trust me, once you’ve listened to this week’s episode with Soul Astrologer Danielle Paige, you’ll realize how much more there is left to explore with astrology.

Danielle isn’t interested in your horoscope. She’s not interested in telling you what you will and won’t do at a certain time in your life, or on any given day. Danielle obtains specific birth information, maps it out in accordance with your birth chart, and based on your unique details, provides insight into who you are as your most expressed self. Danielle’s mission is to help you heal, help you understand yourself and help you feel confident to lead a life that aligns with your truest sense of self.

Danielle Paige is an International Soul Astrologer, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Host of Cosmic Body Podcast and Founder of Purposely Divine: School For Your Soul. A self-taught Astrologer, she continued her studies with some of the worlds top astrologers. She then devoted herself to learning different types of healing to create her own style of spiritual medicine. By fusing astrology, energetic healing and intuition, she is able to tap into your subconscious and help you heal your wounds, old patterns, and come back home to your heart.

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  • The unique benefits of using astrology to guide you in your self-discovery journey

  • We all have psychic abilities, we just need to learn to tune into them

  • Understanding the importance of your specific birth chart

  • Sometimes the old you has to “die” in order for your true self to shine

  • Your friends may not understand your journey, and that’s okay

  • Allow yourself time to heal, and surround yourself with positive influences

  • What is Saturn Return, and why it is so diabolical

  • Acknowledging your behavioural patterns based on your birth chart

  • Not all astrology readings are created equal

  • What is shadow energy

  • Breaking down Mercury Retrograde

  • The specific strengths of each zodiac sign (pg. 13 in transcript)



Danielle Paige: We have different experiences throughout life and they're not always going to be pretty, and I want someone to hear this right now if they're going through an illness or emotion. What you're going through right now is real and you feel it, but you did not come here on earth to be in that vibration your whole life. It's a moment and you have to be there and it does suck, I'm sure but that's not the truth of who you are.

Vitina: Namaste and welcome, I'm Vitina Blumenthal and you're listening to the Soul Compass podcast. I'm here to help you find your inner calm and deepen your self-discovery journey. Take this moment and focus on yourself. For your mental health, your ability to find ease in your everyday life and your emotional well-being. It is so important that you nourish yourself not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Here at Soul Compass, you'll learn practical tips from experts who will leave you with a sharper focus and a renewed commitment to yourself.

Have you ever opened up the newspaper and read through the horoscope section and thought, “Oh my goodness that is so me,” and maybe you’ve even encountered that exact problem this week. Sure, there is something in there that resonates with you, but that’s not even the half of it I’m realising. Maybe you’re a part time horoscope reader, maybe you’re addicted to reading your horoscope, or maybe it’s too “woo” for you. Trust me, once you’ve listened to this week’s episode with Soul Astrologer Danielle Paige, you’ll realize how much more there is left to explore with astrology.

What I love about Danielle is she isn’t interested in your horoscope which is really surprising to me after being an avid, an addicted horoscope reader for at least the last ten years. She’s not interested in telling you what you will and won’t do at a certain time in your life, or on any given day. Danielle obtains specific birth information, maps it out in accordance with your birth chart, and based on your unique details, provides insight into who you are as your most expressed self. Danielle’s mission is to help you heal, help you understand yourself and help you feel confident to lead a life that aligns with your truest sense of self.

Danielle Paige is an International Soul Astrologer, Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher, Host of Cosmic Body Podcast and Founder of Purposely Divine: School For Your Soul. She’s a self-taught Astrologer, but she continues to study with some of the world’s top astrologers. She then devoted herself to learning different types of healing to create her own style of spiritual medicine. By fusing astrology, energetic healing and intuition, she is able to tap into your subconscious and help you heal your wounds, old patterns, and come back home to your heart.

In this episode we’ll dive into different topics such as, the unique benefits of using astrology to guide you in your self-discovery journey.

Understanding that sometimes the old you has to “die” or a piece of you, you need to let go of in order for your true self to shine.

You’ll learn that acknowledging your behavioural patterns based on your birth chart can actually help guide you on this journey.

And at the very end, Danielle dives into the specific strengths of each zodiac sign, which I find quite fascinating and very on point.

This week I’m so excited to welcome the lovely Danielle Paige.

First off, Danielle, I'm so excited to welcome you on to the Soul Compass podcast today. Thank you so much for joining us.

Danielle: Thank you so much for having me. It's so great to be here.

Vitina: I am so excited to pick your brain and to find out all the genius things about astrology because it has helped me so much along my journey and I definitely have my friends and my family that just think I'm crazy.

Danielle: We'll try to change that.

Vitina: [laughs] Yes, please. It's not even convincing people but educating people really on the benefits of using astrology to help enhance the self-discovery journey. This is why I really wanted to talk to you today because I think you can provide so much information for our listeners. One thing I wanted to let you know is we like to keep it really real on Soul Compass.

We love learning about people's stories and how they got into their craft and into their purpose and into alignment. I am dying to hear your story and how you-- Often sometimes we fall into these things or sometimes it happens as children but I'm really curious to know how you got to where you are today?

Danielle: I'm doing this, not because this was something when I was a little kid that I wanted to do. It wasn't like a six-year-old saying, "I'm going to be an astrologer when I grow up." That definitely was not on my list, but I did say I wanted to be a doctor because we only know about the main archetypes and I wanted to help people heal. I'm like, "I want to be a doctor. I want to be a doctor."

My story, it's long and I actually talked about it on my podcast. I have two episodes dedicated to it, but I'm going to give you guys a brief here to give you the low-down. I was just going through my life. I always tell a little intuitive, but I didn't really know what that meant. I didn't really think about it too much. I would maybe have a dream one time maybe and it would give me an idea for something or I would sense people's energy but I just didn't really think about it. That's just something that happens, right?

I was always in tune but really not aware of what that actually meant. When I turned 30 years old I was going through my Saturn Return, that's when everything happened, then everything changed. To back up, I didn't know the words Saturn Return but in hindsight looking back, that's what was happening. Basically, when I turned 30 I got dumped in France by my boyfriend on my 30th birthday, and then we went back to Boston. We were living together in his place and so I had to move out. Boston's a great place, but I was really just done with the weather and kind of over it. I just felt like I was ready to move on.

I was working at an architecture firm, so my background is I have a Master's in interior architecture and I was in here designing buildings and working at one of the top architectural firms in the world where people would die to work and I was miserable. I didn't like it, I felt like it was sucking my soul every day and I've just kept saying, "I need to help people. This is not what I'm here for."

There was no Instagram, Facebook was just honestly new and I think it was my mom and my cousin who were my only friends. There was nobody else on Facebook. It was really like the beginning of time. Now, it's more common and people are talking about these things. I'm just like, "I don't want to be an interior architect. What else is there to do?" I had no idea, but I decided that since I had to move out, I quit my job not knowing what I would do and I moved back home with my family in California. That's where my life started changing.

This was when the economy tanked. That was actually in 2009 and there was no design job, so I was like, "Okay, forget about me getting a design job at this point." All my friends that were architects and designers, everyone was getting laid off. Now, I'm living at home crying over a breakup, couldn't find a job, I have my Master's and I'm like, "I am winning at life. This is horrific."

Even at that moment, I just want to say to people I had so much gratitude of, "Thank God, I had parents I could go home to." I knew that not everyone has that situation. I was like, "Let me just be grateful for that." I had a safe space. It was fine but I'm like, "This is not how I saw my life."

I started having a spiritual awakening that started happening. If I look back in hindsight, I was supposed to come home, I was supposed to be safe at my parents, not stressing about paying rent or anything because I was about to go through and endure this humongous shift in my life. It started with dreams where I would wake up and it would be so real and it would tell me things and then I would see them happen during the day and I'm like, "That was just really intense."

The dreams were just-- I would wake up crying and I would feel and they would take me an hour to snap out of it and I'm like, "What is happening?" I'm seeing things happen in my dream then it's happening during the day. I started having this inkling that there is so much more than the physical world. You have to understand, my father is an aerospace engineer. My mother is a realtor. They're really logical business oriented-- Like I'm not growing up in this "woo" environment

I don't know anything about this, but I start having these moments because my consciousness is starting to open of, "Oh my God there's something here." The dreams kept happening and then I started just listening to my intuition and I was being guided to meditate and I'm like, "What is meditation? Do I sit down on a hill and Iike hum or chant? I don't know what to do."

I listened to the information that's coming through because we all have it. That psychic information. We don't think it is, but it is. I have just been guided to meditate, so I just sit there and I'm like, "Okay, I'm just going to close my eyes and just be here." It started happening where I would fall into this beautiful place and so can really surrender my strong logical mind that we all have.

I always felt in my heart that I was here for something big and something different but I couldn't place it at all. It was a series of several years here of connecting and listening and realizing, "Oh my God, I'm pretty psychic." It started just opening up and I can really sense things through people and understand about them. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and I started seeing spirits. Actually seeing spirits in front of your face. I was like, "Okay, time out. Check please I'm done. What is this?" "I'm not okay with this." I was so scared, I want to preface and let people know. They weren't doing anything to me, it wasn't like in the Hollywood movies where it was like, "We're going to hunt you." It was nothing like that. I would see them and they're very transparent. I just see their face and they're looking at you and I'm like, "Oh my God, I'm not delusional, I'm not on any drugs." I didn't sleep with the lights off for two weeks and I actually had to talk myself through this.

Spirits started showing me that if I'm scared, I'm going to attract that and there was nothing to be afraid of. It's just actually the truth. I just said, "Okay, I'm going to sleep with the lights off ." I started realizing, "Wow, I'm really tapping into something."

Remember, I said there were no design jobs and I couldn't find anything, so I was temping at a horrible property management company. Property management was horrible because they only come to the office when there's a problem to yell at you. As someone who's an empath and really super sensitive and psychic, I'm like, "Stop yelling, it's horrible."

The point is I was supposed to be there because I met a guy who became a really good friend. He was the IT guy, he was smart, he was freelancing. He would come in and he would leave. He's like, "I'm not crazy enough to work here. This place is nuts." He would come in, do the IT stuff and leave. We became really good friends and we went out to dinner one night. It was the turning point of my life. I was supposed to meet him-- We have many soul-mates and soul mates don't have to be romantic, he was a very dear friend.

He said to me, "Hey, do you want me to read your birth chart?" I'm like, "I don't know what is that." He's like, "Astrology." I'm like, "Oh, yes." I'm like, "I'm a tourist. I read horoscopes." He's like, "No. Not that." I gave my birth information that night at dinner, he read my birth chart and I'm like, "This is so amazing because you don't even really know me, but now you're telling me things about me that are pretty personal, that other people wouldn't know from the outside."

What happened is I went home that night, got on our dear friend Google, typed in everything I could about astrology and literally didn't stop until the sun came up. I found my purpose at that moment in time and it would literally never stop and so I ended up teaching myself astrology. I was living at home and I was working part-time at this place so I actually was spending sometimes like 13-14 hours a day just studying astrology because I loved it. It was like my soul exploded in a way I can't even explain.

I am like, "This is my calling. This is what I'm here for." I did it at first just to help myself understand, "If I don't do architecture, what am I supposed to do and what are my gifts? Who am I at the core level?" Then I'm like, "Oh, I have to do this for other people," and then it just slowly transition, but in that process, I was doing a lot of healing work on myself as well. Clearing out old personas, old beliefs. Basically, the old Danielle had to die, not because she was a bad person, and I want people to know that about themselves too. It's not that you're a bad person, it's just that you're not at the vibration that is your truth because we have society and family and all these beliefs and all these negative things I believe about myself over time that things didn't work, and I had to clear that. That was many, many years. I spent many years learning astrology, clearing and healing my personas and shedding ego, and it was very painful, my 30s. So here I am.

Vitina: There is so much I wanted to dive into even just from your story because I think a lot of people when they're starting out on this spiritual journey, it can be really confusing, and you might not be surrounded by people who have already tapped into this. It was similar for me on my journey in a way but I've been able to put myself in situations and environments where slowly I started attracting those people. During that transition, funnily enough my background is in design, but in more graphic design [laughs]

Danielle: I Love it. We're all creatives.

Vitina: We're all creatives and that is and was a big outlet for me, but I'm curious to know when you were going through that transition were there any struggles? You had said that during your 30s - they were really difficult. Were any of those with the relationships that you had in your life?

Danielle: Yes, absolutely. Like I said the old me was dying and so many times I didn't even want to go out with friends. I couldn't relate to them, and really had nothing to do with them. It was that I was literally going through this process of transformation and when you're going through that it is messy. It's like thinking about renovating a home. Even though you know the kitchen with a marble slab and the island and the beautiful lights, it's coming in. It's going to be great.

In the meantime, it's a disaster, right? That's exactly how it was. Yes, it affected all my friendships. I lost a lot of friends. I was kind of like a hermit for many, many years. I just had to spend a lot of time healing and honouring my soul. Looking back, I spent most of my 30s alone. Now, I'm like in this beautiful place in my life, and it's all about community because we go through phases. Yes, it did definitely affect my relationships, for sure.

Vitina: I want to touch on Saturn Return because I just turned 30. I have heard this term and I've heard people say, "Oh, you're in Saturn Return, good luck," kind of thing". I haven't done a lot of personal research on it. I'm just curious because our listeners are anywhere from probably late 20s to 40, but this might either give clarity for what they were going through or what they're about to embark on. So I'd love to learn a little bit more.

Danielle: Absolutely. I'm literally filming or recording my own podcast fully on Saturn Return after we do this. So this is great, but I want to tell everyone so they know. Everyone goes through this, it happens around the ages of 28 ish and a half to 30, and it really depends on someone's personal birth chart where Saturn falls. But what it is, is Saturn is the planet of structure and restriction, and also discipline and authority and responsibility.

Basically, to sum this up, every different planet is a different vibration and archetype. You might not know astrology or you might not know that Saturn is there, but because we're energy beings, we're going to feel it. What happens is around 28 and a half to 30, for everyone, Saturn returns to the placement in the birth chart, okay, where you were born, and because of that, we're literally feeling like an elephant sitting on our shoulders. We don't know it if we don't know astrology and love the people that don't believe in astrology, and I'm like, what happened to when you turned 30?

Did your whole life change? Did you go through some massive awakening? They're like, "Yes", I'm like, "Well, that was your Saturn return. Who doesn't believe it now?" I wouldn't be doing this work if it wasn't real. Like I've got a Master's. I've got other things to do, right? I'm doing this because it's so real and it's souls work. Anyway, Saturn comes back to the placement, and because we feel it, we start to look at our life differently. We start to assess. We start to say, "Okay, maybe I was partying all through my 20s, and now I'm like, Hmm, that's not going to work for me anymore."

Or maybe I was in this relationship, and I'm like, "No, I feel like we have to go separate ways." Or maybe it's like, "I've been single the whole time, and I really want to settle down," or if I'm with someone, maybe I want to have a baby, or maybe I would have a baby on my own, like, whatever it is. We really start to assess our lives and we start to get very clear and very real. That's what happens internally. With Saturn, depending on where it is in your birth chart, and the placement that you're going to feel different things because Saturn is what your soul promised to work on in this lifetime. Saturn says you must mature, it's time for you to focus and really do what your soul came here to do.

My Saturn was in my ninth house in astrology and that's a spiritual house. So I was literally having a spiritual awakening. It wasn't happening before because my soul wasn't ready. I like to share that with people because a lot of people think that if they didn't see spirits since they were a baby, they're not psychic. I didn't see anything. I was kind of intuitive, but like, nothing really from that, but everything happened at 30 because that was divine timing. There's a rhythm, and there's a timing to us. I know it's very popular these days of "I could just manifest anything I want".

Yes, and no, we have free will, and there are definitely things that we can do and draw things to us, but there's also what astrology is. It's a clock in the sky, and there's a rhythm and there's a timing to everything that I always tell people and so some things we cannot rush, but sure there's a lot of things we can pull in as well because we have free will. We feel this energy and we're forced to really look at our life assess, go a different direction. That's why sometimes people get married or get divorced or change jobs or have an identity crisis or freak out and move across the country, move home or just do whatever it is.

Vitina: I'll be honest with you, I don't know if this was a Saturn Return thing, but my, I would say the late-20s, it felt like I was treading through the mud. It started getting easier. I have had a spiritual practice since my early 20s, but it didn't make it easier going through that time necessarily.

All of a sudden, I don't know if it was just on my birthday, something shifted, and I felt this confidence in myself that I had never felt before. Often people say, "Oh, yes, it's when you turn 30 you just like don't care what people think anymore." Would that be something that's part of Saturn Return? Or is that just getting old?

Danielle: No, absolutely. It's a real thing turning 30 might be there's a lot of hype because we're actually growing into ourselves in a different way than we ever have, and we're embodying our truth, and we're feeling more comfortable than who we are because we're starting to have direction. So absolutely, it can manifest like that. It can manifest in other things as well I'm sure.

Also, to be fair, there are a million other things that could be happening in someone's birth chart. It's just that Saturn Returns happens for everyone at that age because it takes that long to move around the Zodiac, the wheel, and to return to the place but it has a 28 year cycle, but there could be other things that your soul is going through because we all have our own personal cycles as well. That's why it's very important to get your birth chart read from an astrologer so they can see the cycles that you're under and explain, and this is why you're feeling like this and nobody else around you is feeling that because you're the one going through this.

Vitina: Right. That's what I kind of love about astrology. You have what is it your sun sign? I'm a Pisces, what's your sign?

Danielle: I'm a Taurus.

Vitina: You're a Taurus? We get along great. I'm pretty sure.

Danielle: Any sign can get along with any sign. That's what I tell people because it's based on so much more than just the sun sign, but yes, Taurus is stable and steady and loving, and Pisces is very loving as well.

Vitina: What I'm curious to really talk about is what are the reasons why astrology or how astrology can really help you on a self-discovery journey?

Danielle: Astrology is amazing and it actually-- So the birth chart is such a beautiful tool because it helps you understand who you are on a soul level away from any of our limited beliefs, personas, and it also shows you your soul contract of what you signed up for, and that is something that we move into throughout our life. You can really see okay, what is my purpose, what am I here for? How should I play out this energy? How can I use this energy? Reading a birth chart is not just like a one and done situation of like, okay, just I read my birth chart and I understand it. It's more of understanding these are the behavioural patterns.

These are the archetypes and I can use it in this way, which is the shadow energy or I can try for the higher octave and strive for that energy. We move through life and we dance and we try to move to the other higher frequency. It basically helps you understand who you are, what you're here for, how you can best use your energy, what your gifts are, what your stumbling points are. There are so many things. Then you have your cycles on top of it. I actually don't know how we know who we are, without understanding our birth chart, because I'm very self-aware, I've always been, but reading my birth chart took it to a whole other level because I'm like, "This is why I always do this".

One of the strong things is Uranus, which is about freedom and revelation and revolution and kind of shaking things up and where you want to be different. That is making a square to my Mars, and basically square is like two planets that are at odds with each other. We all have squares, it's fine because squares are our biggest accomplishments in life. We work on them internally throughout our life. Mars is our will and our drives Because I have that, it's very tight and very strong in my chart. I've always been someone, since I was little, where it's like if someone tells me what to do I'm like, "Nope, not doing it." I would always do things in a different way. What astrology did was help me understand that "Okay I have this in my chart. This is really about freedom and independence and being a leader in a really knew revolutionary way. What I was doing when I was a child, I didn't know how to use the energy, so it was playing out in rebellious shadow energy because I didn't know it.

Now that I know this, I use it to lead people and get them to see things and shape up their status quo. That's one example of really understanding, "I have this in my chart, I'm not going to get out of this, so what's the highest expression? How do I use this, so I'm not being temper tantrum like a rebel in the corner because that's not going to work for anyone." I didn't know that when I was young.

Vitina: Absolutely, and how would you say that astrology can assist in interpersonal relationships with other people?

Danielle: One of the most beautiful things is understanding your moon sign. If you have a romantic partner, it's really important to see what their moon sign is and what your moon sign is because that really shows how you're going to live together. Is there going to be a harmony? What are their needs? What are your needs? Even in business too, if you have clients, really understanding what their needs are-

I have an assistant and I looked at her birth chart and understood a couple of things in there, so I knew how to communicate with her differently and that's going to help her and help her understand. I really saw how sensitive she was, now I take that into consideration when we're talking and doing stuff. I understand the inner workings of her soul, so I can relate to her the best way so that you can make people feel good instead of hitting a wall.

Vitina: I think astrology-- I don't know if this is a bold statement, but it's kind of like Myers Briggs in my opinion.

Danielle: Right, Myers Briggs is based off young and-- I never know if I can pronounce this. Is it Jong Yang Yeng psychology? He based his principles of astrology. The archetypes of astrology, so you're right it is.

Vitina: Huh, I just guessed that.

Danielle: Look at you miss physic download over here.

Vitina: Actually, I know you have my birth chart popped up. I don't know what you can see from it just by looking, but I'm always just curious if we can just do a little exercise to see how maybe you would interact with me being a Pisces based on my birth chart.

Danielle: First of all, you're a Gemini Rising. Gemini Risings love to talk, love information updated, love facts, they use their hands a lot. They're very-- Doing like 10 things at once usually. Your chart ruler is that mercury and your mercury is in your 9th house and it's in Aquarius, so Mercury in Aquarius. First of all, Mercury is your speech in your communication or thinking.

I love when I see combinations of Pisces and Aquarius because it's genius. Mercury in Aquarius is very forward-thinking, very much about cutting edge, super-intuitive because you're a Pisces, but then you also have these visions of like, "We need to go this direction." "We need to do that, so I'm going to implement something new that other people haven't done."

You're thinking big, you're thinking large. You're out there in the realms and getting information and coming back in. I would take that into consideration when I'm working with you. Your moon sign is on the 4th house. You could be a little bit shyer. There's a bit of a shyness unit in Virgo. Virgo is very much like wants to fix and wants to improve. We could have a bit of perfectionist streak with you. You're very intuitive, but believing the facts and information could get in the way sometimes. It's like you have to balance that out.

Vitina: Oh my Gosh that was so on point.

Danielle: You were talking a lot about relationships because you were born under a full moon. Full moon babies are very relationship oriented whether it's romantic or friendship to business. You strive to be around people- Sure, we all need our alone time to recoup obviously, but as a whole, you're more relationship oriented.

Vitina: It's true and my theme, not of this year but of 2018, revolved around community. That pushed my edge too because I love being around people. This year, I had to take a step back because there were too many people- [laughs] and then I wasn't finding enough time for myself, but I definitely feel that everything you just said was very on point.

Danielle: This whole year-- From February 20th this year till next year, you are in a 7th house year. I could see themes for the year and the ruler of that is Jupiter in the 12th house. This year you actually might be a little bit more behind the scenes, than you were. That's kind of where you're moving to and it's a lot more connecting with the divine, more time by yourself.

Vitina: Yes, and you hit the nail on the head there because it's all been about that this year.

Danielle: There are some really beautiful gifts that are going to come with it because it's a lot of enlightenment.

Vitina: This is why I love this stuff. I've had two astrology readings in my life. One was in the north of India in...

Danielle: Oh It's so different. It's totally different.

Vitina: It is different. The second time I had an astrology reading was when I was traveling in Guatemala, but I don't know where he was from. He must have been from the US or North America, it horrified me.

Danielle: Why?

Vitina: I just went in, it wasn't based on recommendation, so I'd love your feedback on this because I, since that day, only love getting recommendations from friends or people that I really trust. I remember I was in a relationship at the time, it was probably back in 2015 or 2016. He told me that I was going to cheat on my husband and- [laughs]

Danielle: Oh, God. Already we're done. I would have walked out of there. First of all, astrology is not meant to project like that. Astrology is meant as a tool to help you understand yourself and I don't do projections at all. I want to make that very clear because I can see cycles out of people and also I could be like, "You might be feeling this and there might be an urge to do this, but this is like the lower vibration, this is a higher vibration." What somebody does with the energies, I have no control over because that's their free will. I don't get, "You're going to cheat." "You're going to do this." How do I know what they're going to do? They could lay in bed there for the next two years and not do anything.

Vitina: You talked a lot about shadows, this is something I'm quite familiar with but I don't know if our audience will be as familiar with. Do you mind explaining a little bit more about that shadow side that you were saying that was coming through especially when you were maybe in more of an unconscious state?

Danielle: Yes, we all have a shadow. If you look back to Junior High School, everybody was basically playing out their shadow energy. It's the lowest vibration, nobody is aware of who they are, so we don't really have the consciousness. The shadow energy is sort of lower vibration tendencies like knee jerk reaction of how we would handle something. The idea is to understand ourselves so that we can be like, "You know what? I know that I have a tendency to maybe get hurt and cry, so maybe I cannot take this personally and then not project it on to someone else." Try and understand really where it is coming from.

I help people really move through their shadows and move into that higher energy. I have a lot of Pisces energy in my chart as well. Pisces, the shadow energy of it is a lot of addiction or escapism or self-martyring or lack of boundaries or feeling sorry for themselves. I actually spent, I feel, most of my childhood, not being conscious of it and really crying and feeling sad for myself because I didn't realize I was taking on so much in other people's energy. A lot of it wasn't mine, but I would feel everything. I was super depressed and I'm sad I'm just lying in bed listening to love songs and feeling sorry for myself. That's such a shadow Pisces energy.

Until I started becoming conscious of, "Wait, I don't actually have to do that there's actually another way." That was a huge life moment for me feeling that, "Even though it's so natural for me to do this, that's not really the best way to use my energy."

Vitina: I know that shadow work is a big thing on this journey and it's often the things that we feel the most guilt or shame about and when we don't honour them. It wants to come out even more. Taking that time to heal I honour you for doing all that work because-

Danielle: Thank you.

Vitina: -it's not easy.

Danielle: We have different experiences throughout life and they're not always going to be pretty but they're aligned with what we need. I was frustrated when I was going through it and I was sick for a very long time, so it's very difficult but I just knew in my heart that this wasn't going to be forever. This wasn't who I was or am. I just knew-- I want someone to hear this right now if they're going through an illness or emotion. What you're going through right now is real and you feel it but you did not come here on earth to be in that vibration your whole life. It's a moment, you have to be there and it does suck I'm sure, but that's not the truth of who you are.

Vitina: I just got chills, thank you.

Danielle: You're so welcome. I want that message-- I need everyone to hear it because it's so powerful.

Vitina: Yes. We often when we're in our worst state or we're really uncomfortable we think it's going to last forever but that's a beautiful message and a beautiful reminder. Your story is a perfect example of how you can get through things. I really really appreciate you sharing that.

Danielle: Thank you so much.

Vitina: There are two last things that I'd like to discuss before we close. One is Mercury in retrograde because I think half the population just boasts, "Oh, no Mercury's in retrograde," but we don't really know what that means. One, I would love to pick your brain on that, and if you're open to it, I'd love to close even with an intuitive astrology reading for the signs. Even if it's an affirmation or something, I think something that each sign might be able to relate to, if you're open to that.

Danielle: Sure, absolutely. Mercury Retrograde, it's a double-edged sword. In one sense, I love that it became popular because it's actually humanizing astrology. It's making it okay. It's making it more accepted. There's also so many people don't understand it, and then they're scaring people, and they're posting all these things that are not true. Mercury Retrograde is annoying. I'd like to say it's like a little kid brother that pokes you and you're just like, "Could you just stop? Just stop being annoying." That's one aspect of it.

The higher aspect of it is when Mercury goes retrograde, which I'll explain what it means in a moment. It's a moment. It's a celestial time for us to take a step and lean back and not push our energy forward and rethink things and reprocess things. Because everything is cyclical nature, we're connected to this beautiful matrix where everything ebbs and flows. The energy needs to go forward than it needs to go back, and it needs to go forward. So when it goes back about three times a year, it's a time for us to not take major action.

Of course, things happen. I say don't stop your life, just be very aware of what you're saying yes to during Mercury Retrograde because there's usually always a caveat with it. It's a time that we can also learn more information because, in the moments where we're pausing and leaning back, we're like, "I didn't realize you were like that. I don't really like you. Maybe I'm not going to throw myself at you because that's not really what I want." We see things from a different perspective.

Mercury is a planet that rules of technology and transportation, and basically, information and our thoughts in our mind. Again, you don't have to believe astrology, but you're still going to feel it. It basically appears to go backward from our perspective here on earth. Our perspective gets skewed. The information that's coming through because it rules information is not as clear. I was going to do a retreat somewhere, and the guy wanted us to sign.

It was during Mercury Retrograde. I told the other girls and said, "Listen, you're going to get mad." I said, "I really don't feel comfortable signing during Mercury Retrograde because I think that there's more stuff. I just feel rushed, and there's more stuff that we don't know." We actually lost, and they were like, "Okay." Then we lost the date of that, and they were bummed, but it turns out that we weren't going to get the support that we needed.

Right after that, we found this other place for a retreat coming up that is actually going to support us on the backend so much more, and then we signed with them. It's like, "You know what, I'm glad I said, "Hey, I know you guys, you're going to be really annoyed at me, but I'm not going to do this yet." It's a time to stop and take a moment and to go back, but it does get annoying. We're such a fast society. When something gets messed up, that's our whole day.

Vitina: Yes, because Mercury when it goes into retrograde, I can feel it.

Danielle: Well. It's strong for you if you don't mind me saying because your chart ruler is Mercury. You're Gemini Rising, which is ruled by Mercury. So it's really strong for you, in particular. Yes, you'll feel it a lot. It's going to be like, "Shh." It's going to do everything for you.

Vitina: Amazing. Well, thank you so much for sharing that. If you don't mind, I would love to do a special astrology reading for our listeners.

Danielle: I'm very clear on I don't believe in horoscopes since I don't think like, "Taurus, for this month, you're going to have this," because I need to see your birth chart. What I will do is go through each sign and talk about what you're here for, like what strengths you have and what you need to build up, just really short little things.

  • Aries, you're here for leadership and courage and stepping in your power. It's really all about you being brave and taking action in general. You're just cultivating that vibration and throughout your life.

  • Taurus, you're here to be a rock. You're here to be solid. You're here to be in your body and be connected to the sensual pleasures of life on earth. We're in Taurus season right now, which is literally like the reclining nude. That's Taurus. It's like God is like, "Whoo."

  • Gemini, you're here to be the messenger. You're here to relay information back and forth and share stories and connect people together. You're the ultimate messenger.

  • Cancer, you're here for emotional safety and security. You're here to help people feel safe and feel vulnerable, and also know that they're taken care of. You're really emotional. You're the mama bear of the world, or the papa bear if you're a male.

  • Leo, Leo is my favorite signs because they're so fun. Leo, you're here to have fun and be a leader and engage people, and really walk with your heart wide open and just play.

  • Virgo, you're here to refine and get very detail-oriented, and make sure that we're healthy and that we're good and that we're not taking on too many things. It's really about protecting us in a way and making sure that we eat our vegetables and do all that stuff, which sounds boring, but it's not because it's actually really important because we're humans in a body, and so Virgo says, "Let's take care of it."

  • Libra, you're here to learn about yourself through the mirror of another person. You're the bicycle built for two. You're learning how to be in a relationship and how to be balanced, but don't lose yourself. Because the Libra could definitely sacrifice too much and just be like, "Sure, whatever you like, whatever you want," but then they lose themselves.

  • Scorpio, you're here to dive deep into your psyche, into your soul, and to transform. You're not here to get stuck. You're here to literally keep evolving and transforming and be very intimate with someone or people, and just go to the depths and have secrets and share. It's true intimacy.

  • Sagittarius, you're here to explore the world and open your mind and your consciousness and understand and have experiences and travel. You're the ultimate shaman guru priest. You're here to relay the information, like go back, get the information of the world, and share it with everyone.

  • Capricorn, you are the wise old owl. You're going to be slow and steady, win the race through life, but you're here to be the ultimate CEO, authority figure and build something tangible for us, and really be in charge of your career, of your life, and who you are. Also, Capricorn comes with old-school wisdom. As you get older, you're going to really embody that wisdom.

  • Aquarius is you are the revolutionary. You're here to shake up the status quo, change things, make things different. We've been doing something for 50 years the same way but it's not working. You're here to break that pattern and show people new ways and do stuff for social causes and reform. You're all about community connection and helping people.

  • Pisces, you are the ultimate connection with source and oneness. Pisces often need to work on boundaries a little bit only because they're just so open psychically that they don't realize it, but because of that, you're the ultimate channel. You're here to infuse us with your creativity and with your oneness and your love for humanity, and just show us really, with a compassionate heart, how to have empathy for people without being walked on. That's important.

Vitina: Absolutely. I believe there's a good book for empaths, Dodging Energy Vampires, which might be helpful for a lot of Pisces.

Danielle: I probably could write that book. God, I've been through so much with that.

Vitina: Actually, I'm curious to know, what are some books that have helped you along your journey?

Danielle: I have to say this, and this is going to probably shock a lot of people, I have a whole bookshelf full of books. I tend with spiritual books, I don't read them all the way through. I get them when they're drawn to me. l open them up and I'll read like a paragraph or a page or a chapter that's really important. Most of my information and I know this is going to sound wild, is literally just from a source. I don't have a whole book because you could tell my personality, I'm very much like even if it's in a book, to be honest, I'm not going to believe it, just because everyone says it.

Until I experience and know it to come through me and my crown chakra, I don't believe it. I'm not just going to believe chakras until I see them or experience or feel it. I don't believe the energy body until I go through it. There hasn't been a lot of spiritual books that have been amazing. I do have some on my website, my resource page. There is one about the heart and it's really beautiful. It's called Soul Love. It really helped me understand the heart connection even more because the heart is the most powerful thing that we have.

Just as a story, I loved Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. He's a hypnotherapist, a past life regression hypnotherapist, whatever it's called. He regressed to clients and realized they were actually telling parallel stories. He didn't do it together, but he saw them, and they were lovers in a past life. They were both, didn't know each other, saying the same kind of story about each other. Those were his clients. That's mind-blowing.

Vitina: Also, do you have any words or a mantra that you live by?

Danielle: I don't know if I have a mantra, but I try to drop into my heart and listen to my heart as much as I can. I'm definitely not Mother Teresa. I can sometimes cuss like a truck driver. If someone pisses me off, I'll let them know. I'm not pretending like I'm Gandhi at all. With that being said, I do live my life from my heart of like what makes me happy. I don't care what people think. If this makes me happy, I'm going to do it, and I live from that space.

Vitina: I love you for it. [laughs]

Danielle: It's really easy for me. If anything, I have to tone it down, to be honest. I really am working to tone it down because I could get wild with it.

Vitina: Honestly, Danielle, thank you so much for spreading your light today. I know we laugh, but the beauty about this journey and the beauty about you is that you're just authentically you, and that's exactly how you inspire people.

Danielle: Thank you. That means a lot to me.

Vitina: I know that you can inspire people in many ways, and I want to know where our listeners can come to find you.

Danielle: On Instagram, @IamDanielle Paige Also on my website, it's www.daniellepaige.com. I have a new website where I have a whole opt-in free guide to medical astrology. You could pull up your birth chart on my website, I have a resource section, I have a shop page where you can purchase some of my courses so I have a lot going on there.

Vitina: Amazing and I know you have a retreat coming up.

Danielle: I do. We just sold out. I have a retreat in Greece, yes we just sold out but I do have another retreat I can't announce yet. It's going to be at new years and so I will announce it soon.

Vitina: We'll put links to your website in the show notes so people can connect with you there and thank you so much again for joining us today it's been such a treat and you've just offered us so much education and wisdom in just such a short period of time.

Danielle: Thank you so much for having me it was a beautiful interview I really appreciate it.

Vitina: Okay, that's it for this week's episode. Remember, to stay inspired in between our episodes you can head on over to Instagram and follow us @yoursoulcompass and @wanderfulsoul. For free meditations and mindfulness guides, you can head over to wanderfulsoul.com.

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Thank you. You beautiful soul for dedicating time to your self-discovery journey. Not only are you contributing to your own mental and emotional well-being but you are contributing to a healthier, more harmonious world and raising the consciousness of our planet. You are amazing and beautiful just as you are.

Thank you for being part of our journey. And thank you for letting us become a part of yours.