• Vitina Blumenthal

Why It’s So Important To Build Community with Alexandria and Anna Laura from ShexShines

Take stock for a moment and think about what your community looks like. Who are the people you really do life with? Are you surrounded by people who encourage you, challenge you and share your passions?

You might already be blessed with a collection of like minded souls around you, or perhaps, you might still be searching for that sense of community, that sense of belonging that is inherent in the human psyche.

No woman is an island.

You can’t walk through life and achieve success without a community of like minded people around you who share your enthusiasm, understand your mission and support you in where you want to go.

And it goes both ways.

When you walk in community, you are presented with an amazing opportunity to give to those around you, to help them grow and see them succeed.

Our special guests today live and breathe community and understand what it takes to build a successful one. Alex and Anna Laura met on Instagram after mutual friends suggested they would hit it off. Soon discovering that they shared many passions and were walking somewhat of a parallel journey, they decided to join forces. This resulted in the birth of ShexShines, a platform for multi-passionate women to connect, learn and grow together.

Understanding the deep need for community themselves, they embedded three core values into the foundations of ShexShines; Connection, Community and Girl Talk. The way in which Alex and Anna Laura built their friendship was something they wanted to pass along to other women. They wanted others to experience the benefits of true authentic connection.

In this episode, Alex and Anna Laura unpack why it’s so important to have a community of like minded people around you and how the journey of self discovery is crucial in helping you find the people who truly make you shine.

Community as we know it is changing. Social distancing has changed everything. To walk in community in this day and age, you must take the opportunity to reflect on what it is that you really want for your life. Who are the people you want to surround yourself with? You don’t have to find people in the same city or even the same time zone. What you need are people whose hearts and minds are aligned, who share your passions and understand your purpose.

When you find those people, there is no stopping you.


  • [10:10]: How Alex and Anna Laura met and connected over networking marketing and Instagram

  • [14:05]: How their beginnings in network marketing set Alex and Anna Laura up for rejection and understanding the kind of person they want to work with

  • [15:10]: The qualities that make up a good partnership

  • [16:10]: Acknowledging and understanding what your brand is, and how it can be supported by others

  • [17:15]: How they approach a difference in opinion or conflict in the partnership

  • [17:50]: Always looking towards what’s best for the community they’re serving

  • [19:00]: Building the connection, community and space for girl talk through She Shines

  • [20:35]: How Anna Laura was forced to come out of her shell during grad school and the benefits of women being in community with each other

  • [22:20]: Finding the people who you resonate with

  • [22:35]: Being an extroverted introvert

  • [23:40]: Balance doesn’t exist - it’s more about your priorities on any given day

  • [25:05]: Having a focus and not judging yourself if you don’t get everything done

  • [25:20]: Going with your flow as much as possible and knowing when to “turn off” for the day

  • [27:00]: Tips to building a community by assessing yourself first

  • [27:40]: Establishing what you really want from the community you’re trying to create

  • [29:15]: Knowing what you don’t need in a community is key

  • [29:45]: Checking in to how you’re feeling and make sure you don’t drain your own energy by feeling as if you need to meet new people too often

  • [31:20]: Asking yourself, “What is my capacity and what is my intention?”

  • [31:30]: Learning what to say “no” to and also when to say “yes”

  • [32:15]: Lessons that Anna Laura and Alex have learned in running events

  • [34:20]: Do your research on someone before asking them questions that may not relate to them or their offering

  • [36:30]: Figuring out how you can add value to someone else if you are asking them for their time or expertise

  • [38:15]: Building your community online as well as in the physical space