Global News Morning

Stand Ahead challenge for women’s brain health.

Lynn Posluns of the Women’s Brain Health Initiative and yoga instructor Vitina Blumenthal talks about the Stand Ahead challenge and how it can help women’s brain health.

Next Level Nutrition Biz Podcast

In this episode, Stephanie long talks with Lesley and Vitina from Align Creative Minds all about how to use Instagram to turn your audience into paying clients.

They share the 3 key steps that you need to take to create content that connects, conversation that engages, and design that catches the eye.

SheXshines Podcast

Vitina gets real with us on the tough decisions you might have to make as a multipassionate entrepreneur deciding when to pivot or rest, as well as her internal process on dealing with perfectionism and doubt along the way.

Drown The Noise Podcast

What you'll learn in this episode:

  • How to not be afraid of change

  • How being still and living in the present moment will help you figure out what you truly want

  • Why it’s OK to change your career goals

  • Vitina’s definition of success

  • And lots more...

Vibe Tribe Podcast

In this episode, Vitina talks with Rachael Hunt & Becca Crowe about her entrepreneurial journey and listening to your inner wisdom.

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